VGA Planets

VGA Planets 3.5 for Windows.

	 VGA Planets v3.5 is the new WINDOWS version of
 the VGA Planets client interface.  This program is also
 known as  WINPLAN.  Winplan is designed to allow for
 an easier and more powerful interface for the players
 of VGA Planets.  It is designed to run on Windows 3.1
 or Windows 95 and requires a 486 DX based machine with
 8 Meg of Ram to run efficiently, although it can be run
 on a 386sx with 4 Meg of RAM, but it is painfully slow.
 Winplan is a  very innovative and remarkable step up for
 VGA Planets players that have a 486 or better machine.  

Winplan integrates and introduces the following abilities:
  Will work with any 3.xx series host program, but prefers
     the new host version 3.20.
  Reads MineSweep messages and plots mine fields onto
     the starchart automatically.
  Plotted Mine Fields appear on starship navigation screen
     - for easy course planning.
  Plots  Ion Storms, Explosions, Waypoints and UFO objects
      onto the starchart by reading message data
      (If host version 3.2 is being used ).
  Allows for AUTO functions (building of planetary
     structures and selling of  supplies).
  Allows for AUTO ship functions - programmable flight paths and 	
   programmed tasks (missions) to perform along this flight path.
  Easy Fleet Ordering Screen (change battle order by changing Fcodes of
     ships and see the combat order displayed and updated in front of  you).
  WAV file combat sounds for VCR.
  Easy point-and-click Windows style interface
     (icon buttons / hot key support)
  Scaleable windows.
  Scaleable text sizes.
  Improved transporter screens - 
     move 1, 10, 100, or 1000 units of a certain cargo at a time.
  Built-in battle simulator.
  Improved ship and planet pictures - and now has Native Race pictures.
  More detailed Mineral Surveys.
  Notepads on all ship and planets screens.
  A 36 page printed manual.
  On-line help linked to each screen                      
  The program loves Windows 95,  it was written on a Window 95 machine.

Price $20 (Including shipping and taxes)

VGA Planets 3.0 for DOS. This will include the latest version of the game HOST.exe program. The 3.0 Planets.exe program is the main interface that is needed to play the game. The HOST is needed if you plan to host games of VGA Planets for other people to play in. "On Line Game of 1994 - Computer Gaming World."

Price: 15$ (USA/North America) - 17$ Foreign Air (15$ Surface)

VGA Planets - The Complete Users Manual. This is a complete guide to the game. This was written by Dave Killingsworth and is 129 pages and in color. This guide includes information that will help you learn the game. It will also help teach you how to set up and host your own game. It has strategies and hints for both the advanced and new players. The information was compiled from some of the very best players in the world. It includes race descriptions, friendly codes, formulas, host explanations and much much more.

Price: 23$ (USA / North America) - 35$ Foreign Air (23$ Surface)

Note: If you live outside the USA you can purchase VGA Planets merchandise in your own currency, simple send an amount in your own countries' currency of apoximently the same value.

Mail Orders to:

Tim Wisseman
PO Box 204
North Fork, CA 93643-0204

                   SOFTWARE ORDER FORM FOR 2002




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 [  ] Planets 3.5 for Windows ( Winplan CD ROM )       ( $20 ) |  $20 Air
      On CD ROM (Includes mini manual help file)
      Includes on the CD the text to the Complete
      Users Manuel By Dave Killingsworth
      in MS Word Format
 [  ] Planets 3.5 for Windows ( Winplan )              ( $20 ) |  $20 Air
      On 3.5 inch floppy disk
 [  ] VGA Planets 3.00 DOS registered version          ( $15 ) |  $15 Air
      On 3.5 inch Floppy 

 [  ] VGA Planets Complete Users Manuel                ( $23 ) |  $35 Air or 
      8.5" X 11" 129 pages in color                            |  $23 Surface
      By: Dave Killingsworth                                   |      Mail
 [  ]  Two day priority mail $3 extra ( USA only )

Amount enclosed:  $__________
Mail to:  Tim Wisseman
          P.O. Box 204
          North Fork, CA 93643-0204
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