The Colonies Of Man

Government: Colonial

Leader: The Commander

Minimum Farm Climate 40
Maximum Farm Climate 55
Favorite Climate 50
Colonist Combat 1
Crew Combat 5
Troop Combat 60
Highguard Combat 260
Growth Rate 105
Colonist to Crew 120
Crew to Troop 60
Troop to Highguard 10
Political Correctness 20
Spy Rating 20
PSI Rating 5
Leadership 60
Public Relations 145
Lawfulness 70
Income 90
Mineral Mining 65
Happiness 130
Dark Powers 0
Light Powers 20
Pod Speed 20
Contraband Likes
Stim-Bright Pills 30
Illegal Music CDs 50
Vaggen War Hounds 50
Repterrian Psi - Geese 10
Able To Build
Base ShieldNo
Raid ShelterNo

Lifeform Type: Humanoid
Fleeing from a Robotic menace, the Colonies of Man search out a new planet that they can call home. Some believe that there may yet be brothers of these Colonies that still fight for survival among the stars.

Race Number: 111
Race Version: 101