The United Enforcement Authority [UEA]
Or Simply the Enforcers!
Race Designed by: Greg Bahr
Review Written by: David Ouimet

General Overview
 The UEA is an interesting mix of capabilities. They have a highly capable military but their economy is bound by tighter regulations than the other races so it is does not tend to be as fluid. Over all they are a very solid race when played with care, but poor management will cripple them almost as fast as the Crystals.  The race is fairly direct in combat with most of its flexibility coming from the ships with hyper drives or the ability to jump with a Pax Jumpship.

Economy Notes
 The UEA is very dependent on a well developed infrastructure for their income. Unlike many other races the UEA can not count on a large population or an influx from contraband to fund their military. However you can use a combination of Enslavement and Complex tax settings to get the most from the colonists you do have, and your colonists will still be happy.  You must also look to get the most out of your natives so either bring them to a base with a Government Center or build one on their planet as soon as possible. Unfortunately while the UEA are able to make the most of natives there is an exception; The Insectoid. The most lucrative of natives in terms of funds, have a dire hatred of the UEA and the two sides will kill each other on site.

 Your population growth is very controlled, and your high training rates do not help this area any. In fact as you're often dependent on cities for early income your growth is slowed even more. Getting your population up should be a fairly high priority.  Use training planets to convert your crew to troops and high guards without hurting the growth of your main population worlds. These training centers will also help provide much needed revenue to fund your fleets.  Some serious thought should be given into developing the Tank-O-Tronic Exotic and Bribing Natives early on. Care should also be taken, there are many within the UEA that are not happy with all of the rules. A dissatisfied population can result riots and allow the enemy to slip in spies with ease.

 While you are able to convert Contraband into safe and profitable items, you may wish to let your allies acquire it as a favor and have them return the favor in other ways later. Though converting that contraband can provide enough ordinance to supply some of your fleets and a large food supply. If contraband prices are very low you can also use it as a quick source of food and ordinance and supplies by buying it and then breaking it down into more useful items.  You may wish to also consider trading Amoprh as well as Insectoid natives with your allies so you don't have to pod off their spice production on a regular basis.

 The UEA only has one dedicated minelayer and it is a mixed blessing. The Maxim is able to drop the highly praised Gravitronic Minefield. While this will stop the enemy from jumping into your territory and stands a very good chance of stopping enemy cloaked ships, it will also prevent your own ships from jumping within the fields. It is strongly recommended that you drop a lot of little minefields on the edge of your space to provide maximum protection for your empire. However within your space you may want to drop very few but large fields. This will allow you to turn them on and off allowing you easy transit within your space without having to open yourself up to an enemy raid or accessing 50 different fields to move from one system to the next.  The Maxim does not have a pod bay, so you will need to have a series of re-supply points setup up for them or escort them with a another ship that has a pod bay for spare ordinance. The Warrant and Judgment both fulfill this role well.

The UEA Fleet
 The UEA has a highly capable military that is split into three arms. Assault Transports such as the Hammer and Battalion allow the rapid transport of a large number of troops and assault vehicles. The Dust Off devices on these ships allows you to pick ground units up and move on without a Pod Launcher. The second arm of the UEA fleet is their hyper drive ships, they tend to be highly accurate and moderately well armed capable of rapid strikes into enemy territory. The Arbitrator and Sergeant At Arms are good examples of this style ship.  The third and perhaps the main line of UEA ships are the conventional subspace warships. These ships can all serve as minor troop transports and perform well in combat. The Judgment and Enforcers are solid examples of this branch.  Out side of these arms the UEA has a few odd ball ships, these perform very specific roles for the UEA. The most notable and important of these ships is the Pax Class Jumpship. This Hyper capable ship can pull other ships along with it. This allows rapid deployment of ships and some bases that would normally be limited to subspace travel. The UEA is also blessed with Alchemy ships allowing them to fight on once all the normal resources in an area have been depleted. Key units such as the Pax and the Enforcer should always be protected by having at least one high guard on the ship.

UEA Fleet Combinations
 There are a few special combinations of ships within the UEA force that should be taken of note. These combinations allow you a great deal of flexibility when planning your moves.

Maxim Class Frigate/Judgment Class Cruiser
 When you have a Judgment with a pod bay full of ordinance escorting a Maxim you can keep deploying mines without needing to re-arm every couple of turns. This also protects the vulnerable Maxim from attack. While this may not be needed on the interior of your empire it's a good idea to put these ships together when mining along the rim of your space.

Ranger Class Station/ Pax Class Jumpship
 These two ships give you a great deal of flexibility in almost any area. It is a great way to colonize and mine planets as it eliminates the need to ship minerals around by pods and you dont have to build smelters. Its also great for setting up outposts as it gives you most of the structures you will need to supply a distant fleet. It also protects an area from cloaked ships with the Tachyon Emitter.  The best part is once your done with a system you just use the Pax to jump to a new one. No need to build more than a few Ranger Class stations when you can move them around at will.

Warrant Class Assault Ship/ Pax Class Jumpship
 This little combination can be a nightmare to any of your enemies that do not have Grav Mines.  By keeping a full load of High guards (or troops) on a couple of Warrants stationed with a Pax you can jump and board any ship within 650ly. This can be a very nasty surprise for the enemy.

The Ranger Control Group, or RCG envisioned by Greg Bahr.
The UEA's greatest strength is their militaries mobility. By using the Pax Class Jumpship the UEA can deploy their forces to distance areas immediately. The Ranger Class Station provides a central hub for distant operations that can be quickly deployed and moved as needed with an attending Pax. The common nexus for UEA operations is the Ranger Control Group, or RCG. The RCG is based around the Ranger acting as a central base for an attending fleet. The base RCG includes the following units; One Ranger Class Station, One Pax Class Jumpship, Three Judgment or Lawdog class warships,3 Maxim Class Frigates, and Nine Arbitrator or Sergeant At Arms class Strike Ships. The Ranger is the central unit of this group, providing long range sensor coverage (800+ lys) as well as ordinance, repair units, and fuel. The Judgments or Lawdogs provide a defensive fleet, while the Arbitrators and Sergeant At Arms class strikeships take control of the space within a 600ly area. Once the area is secure the Ranger can produce additional light ships as needed while a developed colony is established to manage the area.

The UEA Fighter Force
 The UEA is not what one would call a Fighter Race. The UEA has some very capable fighters but they are too expensive to see a great deal of action. The most common UEA fighter deployed is the DOA-187x Bomber, this craft is capable of precision strikes taking out enemy ground structures at will. The C-3 and AS-480 also see limited use but these two combined usual do not equal up to the number of DOAs deployed.  Each DOA bomber can destroy one ground structure during ground to ground combat. The ground structure to be attacked is set by the bases command codes. By setting a B## code the bombers will be directed to the strike buildings listed in the order of the overview screen.

The UEA Ground Force
 While the bulk of the UEAs ground war is handled by their Troops and High Guards they have some interesting mechanized support. The AU-147 is well suited to supporting an attack and will convert a great number of the enemy into POWs for later re-education. The PA-245 and Mi-266H both see use as assault units against small enemy outposts when precise firepower can save the lives of many friendly troops. The PA-245 is effective vrs colonists and enemy troops while the Mi-266H should be used against armored or airborne targets.

The UEA Early Game
 You will find you have a number of options. As with most other races you will need to get your Hull tech up fast, unlike many other races though you can ignore Engine Tech initially and only pick it up with spare GCs.  Your starting ship selection is solid and the Sentinels Psi-Ops Hisser is a great way to get your happiness up fast if its not already at 100.  You cant count on Contraband for early income boosts so you will have to build cities early on. Build a handful of Informants early with your  starting engines and send them out 50 lys then change their course by 30 degrees or so. This way people cant easily track you back to your home world. Use these Informants for scouting and establishing outposts early. 1 Colonists and 1 Food per planet for now you can develop more later.  Once you develop tech level 4 you can build Arbies and your now a serious threat to other races and able to really defend your empire. With tech level 5 you can start building Maxims and dropping Grav mines. Layer them and drop a lot of them.  Care should be taken because they will STOP your own hyping ships and you need to deactivate them to jump through. So don't drop a lot of them over your main travel routes. 1 or 2 large ones will do the trick.  On the edge of your empire though drop as many fields as you can.

 Arbies can take out most of the warships in the game at this point, especially if you have them jumping in pairs. Scout around and make contact with new allies, or start raiding your opponents systems. You can do a lot of harm at this point.  I prefer to use Merc Rockets and Pulsed Lasers for most targets, for heavier action though Blaster Cannons do wonders. Pick your weapons carefully though, for example  a Merc Rocket is all but useless against a lizard ship.

 Once you have found some natives you have two choices build a government center or a pod launcher there immediately and station several defensive ships around it. I prefer to Pod the natives back to a main world. You need to protect that income sources. EXCEPTION: If they are Insectoid ignore the system for now until you can trade them away to allies or blow the planet up.

 Develop to Hull Tech 7 as fast as possible and work on your Hyper Drive Tech. Most of the others you can ignore or pickup as you have spare cash unless your in a war. At hull tech 6 you gain the Ranger Class Station with a large scanner range and some very useful devices. At tech 7 you gain the Pax. These two units combined let you establish solid outposts early on. Simply load an armed Ranger up with supplies and colonists and jump the station to your new base. The Ranger provides Ordinance, Refining, and a solid sensor post as well as cargo capacity. The Pax simply shifts them around as needed.  Once you have the Pax/Ranger combo drop 5,000 Colonists, 250 MCs and 50 Supplies on every mining colony. This is just enough to build 50 mines. The Ranger can do the processing and you can jump from system to system to collect the minerals so theres no need to build any other structures except for Farms if you can.

 Very soon you will start making contact with early races. At this point its all up to how well you have developed and diplomacy. Good luck.

Allies & Enemies
Disclaimer: This refers to race stat only, and does not include any history or character value of the race. The Privateers for example make great allies stat wise but under most situations would be target #1 of the Enforcers.
 The UEA can be a great allies of any of the races out there. Unlike most races the UEA already has most of what they need. The UEA can protect its own space quite well and has a rapid transit system that few can match. However a good trading partner can still be invaluable. Shipping those insects out of UEA space frees up more room for UEA colonists and provides an ally with a great source of income. The same can be done with contraband, instead of processing it into more acceptable forms it can be trade to allies for a more lucrative profit. There are a few other things the UEA could use, by allying with a high growth race the UEA population problems can be solved.  And should the UEA form an alliance with a cloaking race, it would be combination to be feared! The UEA can offer quite a bit to an alliance. From the re-training of POWs and a strong fleet list to the Paxs abilities to move fleets anywhere within a 650ly radius.

 Of all the races out there they tend to fall into two groups. Any race without the ability to deploy gravatronic mines should fear the UEA while those that can deploy them will scoff at the UEAs Pax. While most cloaking races are little more than troublesome the Birdmen can be a real threat. With their ability to sweep while cloaked and having some ships immune to the Tachyon Emitter the UEA will have to keep a close watch or fear surprise attacks deep within UEA space.

Ship By Ship Analysis [Warships Only]

Informant Class Scout
 This expendable unit is great for making early contact and seeing what is in the area. They are also acceptable at setting up small listening posts. Even in the late game you can build these and park them around your empire to keep an eye on things. While easily destroyed they are easily replaced.

Hammer Class Troop Transport
 With Three Pod Bays and a noticeable guest capacity this ship serves its role as an assault ship well, and can effectively double as a colonizer and civil transport.

Sentinel Class Destroyer
 A solid early warship well armed and with two pod bays this ship will see use for a while. Its Psi-Ops Hisser makes it a great picket ship to park over every world. Not only will it protect your space from probes and raiders but it will keep the population in line. With two pod bays it can also double as an armed transport.

Arbitrator Class Strikeship
 The UEAs primary early combat ship. This little ship packs a nasty punch. With its hyper drive it can cover a wide area of space effectively.  Deploy these in small groups and they can respond to many types of incursions into your space.  With their naturally high attack bonus and later Exotic Techs these ships can be deadly.  Take care though as their limited ordinance capacity can be a problem.

Maxim Class Frigate
 Your fleets mine layer, this ship is cheap and should be produced in noticeable numbers. Deploy several of these ships to every part of your empire to keep layers of grav mines up. Your limited ordinance capacity means you will have to re-arm often so bring along an escort with a pod bay or have several supply depots along your borders.

Battalion Class Troop Transport
 With 6 pod bays and a 50,000 guest capacity this ship serves well with supporting a mobile ground assault.

Judgment Class Cruiser
 This warship is a very nice one and can fill a range of roles. It has a Psi-Ops device to keep local populations in line, can transport up to 6 pods, and is well armed and protected. This ship can fill most roles within the UEA empire and will often be produced in noticeable numbers. Not only can it fill a number of roles it makes an effective mainline warships in the early stages of a war.

Range Class Station
 This utility station allows the UEA to secure a new sector of space and have a chance of holding it. It has a mixed range of devices allowing it support ground and spaced based operations. Perhaps the most notable is the Thacyon Emitter that allows them to detect most cloaked ships backed up by a 800ly scanning range.

Pax Class Jumpship
 These ships are perhaps the most valuable members of the UEA fleet. The JPG on these ships allow them to bring any other ships, in fact even most space stations can be brought along, through a hyper space jump. While not well armed or armored they should be well escorted at all times.

Warrant Class Assault Ship
 These ships allow the UEA to board and seize any ships violating UEA guidelines. When paired with a Pax they can be very effective at striking distant targets.

Law Dog Class Battleship
 The UEAs base line heavy warship. These ships will be seen in noticeable numbers, they allow the UEA to have a strong military presence with committing a lot of resources to an area. The Law Dog is a very effective heavy warship with enough guest and pod space to launch a ground assault un-assisted. The Law Dog does not have its own hyper space drive but it is still capable of covering 190ly in a turn.

Sergeant At Arms Class Strike Ship
 This is a solid warship capable of hyper space travel. Its well armed and can deliver its payload effective at great distances. They tend to perform the role of a heavy raider and replace the Arbitrator in many respects.

Enforcer Class Dreadnought
 The symbol of the UEA, this ship represents almost everything that the UEA is. Its able to mount some of the most powerful devices for disabling enemy ships and bring the crew to justice. In fact its able to fire a Super Laser in such a way to disable enemy ships rather than destroy them. When the UEA wish to let people know that they have a very serious interest in a given area these ships are deployed there. Once deployed people can see these ships from a great distance.  The Enforcer is capable of deploying gravatronic minefields as well as sweeping enemy mines which it can detect from a great distance.