Empires Of Planets 4

The Stormers

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Ship Super Weapons

Playing As

Place photon torpedoes on your high attack bonus ships. Use the very fast Deth Specula to disrupt enemy freighter runs. Take advantage of your strong ground combat power to capture lightly guarded enemy bases. When attacking enemy fleets attack in large numbers. Build cheap ships to absorb enemy fire to help your more expensive ships survive longer. Consider using cheap weapons to save money. Use the Glory Device over planet populated by amorphous worm natives to produce a large amount of spice contraband that can be sold to give you much needed megacredits. Keep your fighters away from enemy ships with sand casters. Be careful not to destroy your own fighter craft with the Nemesis Torpedo super weapon. Try capturing enemy bases that have base shields, then use the base shield to protect yourself from attack from space. Be sure to use world crusher missiles to destroy your enemy's more important worlds from a distance of just under 200 LY. You can avoid larger more powerful fleets and still destroy enemy bases.

Playing Against

Avoid using photon torpedoes against stormers. Kill or disable them as quickly as possible with sand caster / ion cannon weapon combos on medium size ships that have an attack bonus. You could also fight them with large ships with heavy armor, large shields, cheap engines, and cheap weapons. Their ships are lightly shielded and lightly armored so it does not take much to kill them, the hard part is standing up to their extra powerful, never missing weapons. Get the Stormer to waste their expensive ships attacking fleets of cheepily made but strongly shielded ships. Blast their bases with ships from space, they can not build base shields. If they are using fighters attack them with sand caster equiped ships.

Natural Enemies

Stormer Race Stats