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The Robotic Imperium

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Metals, money and credits are not going to be a problem. You do not have to worry about food or fuel. You have all the nightmare weapons at your command to sweep the galaxy of all life. You have some of the weakest fighters in the game but that is not a problem you will have the money to build all that you will need. You have all the tools to drive hyperspace races insane.

You can lay overlapping Nova Barbitic minefields in a area of space you know hyper jumpers to be using, when they get caught in the Nova Barbitic field because of its anti-hyper jump powers just blow the field and take the ship out. If your ships happen to be in the field during the explosion they will take no more than 2% hull damage per Nova Barbitic that you detonate. You do not have any minesweeper ships so unless you can trade for them or capture them you are going to have to use your Nova Barbitics to sweep enemy minefields.

To win destroy your enemy's power to produce food, use your soil sterilizer to destroy all the farm land on as many planets as possible. Without food most your enemies can not grow. If you are fighting the Crystals use your scalar wave damper to reduce the stress of high stress planets to the point that the Crystal hyperlathes are useless, that will cut off all their food supplies and source of ord.

You have zero growth so there is not any reason not to build all the training centers you can and produce as many troops as possible.

Avoid attacking with colonists and crew if you can. Mine for metals and use as much of the tritanium as you can spare to build more robots at your insectoid nests.

Look for and gather up as many natives as possible to use as food for your insectoids. Insectoid nest turns warm blooded natives into insectoids. This includes Humanoids, Bovinoids, Reptilians, Avians, Amphipians and Ghipsoldals. Conversion rate is 4 new bugs for every native.

Insectoid Nests also attract colonists from enemy bases to your base. They will draw in 3% of all enemy colonists within 100 ly and convert them to new insects. Each enemy colonist yields 4 new bugs. There are a few exceptions, the Cyborg can only yield 1/2 a bug each and Cystals, Robots and Solorian are completely immune. The nests will also draw in 1% of the enemy colonists within 400 ly.

The Insectoid Nests also generate money, for each enemy colonists that comes in from the 100 ly range you get 1/10 a mc and the ones from up to 400 ly give you 1/30 of a mc.

When you are attracting enemy colonists to your base with a Insectoid Nest only you will get a message about the event, the enemy might not notice anything is wrong.

Gather up chupanoid natives after you have made them happy using the Eye of Madagon device and send pods of them to your enemies home world. If you can not get to the enemy's homeworld with pods of chupanoids just get as close as you can and blow the pod up. The chupanoids will scatter and become very upset at the same time. They will land on the enemy planets and begin eating all their food. The less food your enemy has the better.

Build terraformers just to mess up the climate of the planet so that your enemies that do not have access to terraformers can not farm the planet. You goal is to just sweep through space turning all the tritanium you find into more robots and all the duranium you find into new ships.

Carry pods of fuel dradle ground units to mine for fuel on the edges of your push forward into enemy space.

Use your Q Tankers to carry fuel and fresh fighters to the front line ships. If you find or build a jumpgate cover the gate with Nova Barbitic mines and leave a few cheap ships around to scan for incoming enemy ships. If an enemy fleet comes through the gate blow the Nova Barbitics and destroy the whole fleet all at once. There is nothing that they can do to escape that trap. After you get done with an area of space there should be nothing left that an enemy can use.

One important factor that the Robots need to use to win the game is the Shokazul Pulse. This exotic tech will stop the growth of all enemy colonists. If you unlease this on your enemies early enough in the game they will not be able to out grow you population wise. Sadly this device also makes your insectoids hibhernate. While the Pulse is having its effect you can still be mining and storing tritanium on your bases and building more insectoid nests. Then for one turn you can drop the use of the Shokazul Pulse and have a population explosion, then go back to using the Shokazul Pulse.

To make life easier for your ships buy the excotic tech Plasma Manifold A. This tech will greatly reduce the amount of fuel your ships will burn. Later on in the game buy Plasma Manifold B and your fuel useage will drop to almost nothing.

Playing Against

If you are going through a jumpgate and you do not know what is going to be on the other side, send a scout ship through first to check for Nova Barbitic minefields, because if you send your fleet blindly into that mess they are going to all die in the massive chain reaction explosion that Nova Barbitics can deliver.

If you can lay Barbitic minefields go into Robot space and lay your own barbitic fields over the top of his. If the Robots do not own a mine sweeper the only way to destory your minefield is to detonate his.

If the Robots cover a major base and fleet with Nova Barbitcs attack it with minelayers, get in there and drop mines all around the base so that the fleet can not escape and then push inward with more mines until the area is completely covered with mines.

Do what you can to protect the natives from being turned into insectoid food. Protect all planets with high levels of tritanium, because if you do not all that metal will be turned into money producing robots and his growth will explode.

The Robots are a race that you must attack, if left alone they will overpower you completely.

Attack him with groups of fighter wings, his fighter defenses are very weak, his fighters are weak, his ships do not have many point defense systems.

Take out their ships and pods as quickly as possible before they can use them to grow. Attack them with sand casters to destroy their fighters. Make it a point to destroy any Robot minesweeper ship that you find and make it a special point to destroy any Robot base that has high numbers of insectoid natives.

Expect the Robots to be coming after your food supplies, be ready to fight.

Take the fight to him, if you can keep him busy defending his worlds he will not have time to to attack you.

Send in mine sweepers to keep his area of space clear of minefields, with no minefields or few minefield in his space he will feel very nervous about enemy fleets hyper jumping in and will most likely pull his forces back.

Keep your large ships away from his Gun Zero planets.

If you can keep him boxed in and living in fear and on the defensive his growth will be slowed greatly.

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