Empires Of Planets 4

The Lizards

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Playing As

Take advantage of your strong ground combat power to capture lightly guarded enemy bases. Lizard ships are build for fighting, they are very strong. Get into toe to toe fights with your enemies. If an enemy has a shielded base, park over it with a few T-Rex ships and scalar wave amp the planet, in time the planet will explode from having a 1000 hyperdimensional stress level. Your best ships, the T-Rex and Madonnzila, are very fast use that speed to avoid combat until you have massed enough forces to defeat the enemy. A T-Rex transwarping at 190 LY per turn through enemy space should cause a panic. .The enemy may group their ships to defend their homeworld, leaving their colony worlds open to attack. If they chase you they will be leaving their bases open to attack from other directions. In that case decloaking Lizard Class Cruisers full of Lizard troops are a wonderful little surpise. The Lizard Class Cruiser should be the backbone of any Lizard fleet.. Fly through areas you think the enemy is going to travel through and lay cloaked Barbitic mines using cloaked Lizard Class Cruisers, uncloak the mines just before you think the enemy is about to move through the mined area of space, if you are luckly he will run his ships into your mines at full speed and not know what hit him..

Playing Against

Lizards have ships with high armor levels so attack them with high armor drain levels weapons like: heavy laser, fusion cannons, anti-matter gun, blaster cannon, plasma bolt cannon, pulsed phasor cannon, or large turbo laser array. Consider placing cheaper weapons on small ships with high attack bonuses. Their ship shields are very weak do you do not need to worry too much about taking their shields down. When fighting them in a ground war use assault craft with high troop attack powers. Use fighters with high troop attack powers. Assault craft and fighter craft are safe from the Lizard "boulder attack". The Lizards do not have any super weapons so your bases only need to fear their ground attack powers and their T-Rex and its scaler wave amp that can destory your planets over time. If you are able to build ships with super weapon use the super weapons to blast their bases to bits from the safety of space.

Natural Enemies

Lizard Race Stats