Empires Of Planets 4

The Solar Federation

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The Solar Federation is a powerful economy race. They have cheap ships, with many different designs to choose from. They are a very straight forward race and do not rely on special tricks to achieve victory. They have a high income rate, high growth rate, and a high happiness level. The Solar Federation can build every type of standard ground base building.

The Solar Federation has a defense for almost anything that the enemy can throw at them. The Loki Class Destroyer has a tachyon scanner that can decloak almost every type of hard to see or cloaked ship except for the most advanced Birdmen designs, be sure to use Loki's to detect cloaked ship that might try to sneak up on you. If you must go against monster enemy ships the Super Nova Man-o-War is a great ship to use, it is a cheap ship for a ship of its size and power. If you are going against an enemy that likes to fire masses of photon torpedoes it would be a great idea to have several Loki Class ships with holodecoys escort the Super Nova ships. The Loki can carry 6 holo decoy point defense systems. Just one or two Loki's using holodecoys will drop the accuracy of enemy photon torpedo fire to under 20% very quickly. The Loki's will also come in handy if you need to sweep or drop mines.

Minerals are very easy to come by. When you find a planet that is rich in minerals simply build a Terra Class Starbase over it The starbase can mine1000 kt of minerals a turn. If you run out of minerals to mine you can just build Merlin Class Alchemy ships and transform supplies into metals. If you need to fuel you can build an Alaska Class Refinery and transform excess metals or supplies into fuel.

The Solar Federation is the king of food production. You can build large numbers of farms very quickly using your agrovators, then you can double production of food from your farms using the agrovators. Your Supernova Class can carry a protomatter cannon that can be used to turn destroyed planets back into normal planets. Newly formed planets tend to have very rich soil allowing a great number of farms to be built. Because you have so much food you should feel free to build a great number of cities on many worlds. You should have at least a few "breeder worlds" with few mines, no cities and no training centers to maximize your colonist growth rate. As these world build up their populations to very high levels you should move the colonists off to other planets with lots of cities.

Your economy should be able to out grow the economies of all other races. The longer the game lasts the more powerful your economy will be compared to the other races because of your high growth and tax rates. If you really kick your economy into overdrive buy the exotic cloning tech and increase your growth rate to an extreme level.

Playing Against

The Federation is a economic powerhouse, not only do they have a high income, high growth rate they have cheap ships. You will have a hard time out producing them when it comes to ship production. The larger Federation starships are very powerful and far cheaper than ships of equal power that other races can put out. Their special farming unit allows them to produce food at twice the normal rate, allowing them to support double to number of cities that other races can. The Federation will become stronger and stronger as time goes by, as compared to other races.

What you need to do is kill their colonists, the sooner the better. Their troop combat skills are very lacking and their troop training rate is very poor. If you have strong ground combat skills use it to capture their outer low population worlds.

Send in many scanner ships and keep track of as many of their ships as possible. Keep track of any major fleet movements. Use that information to avoid their main fleet body and attack their planets.

Mass your fleet and take out their planets one by one in force. If you have cloaking ships try to sneak up on unguarded Federation planets and take them out. If you have hyperjumping ships, do quick surprise attacks on their lightly guarded high population planets. Once you knock out their high population planets then you can deal with their remaining fleet.

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