Empires Of Planets 4

The Evil Empire

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You will need to use your fleet to take money and resources from your weaker enemies. Your big weakness is going to be money. You are going to need to steal money if possible due to your low income and growth rate. One of the best sources of cash are the contraband stockpiles of your enemies. Send out Star Destroyers with their probe launchers and spy scanners on. Use them to locate enemy bases that have contraband on them or have high populations. When an enemy base is found that is rich in contraband send in Moscow Class ships to keep the enemy from selling the contraband, then send in an attack fleet to take out the base. Be sure to include H Ross class destroyers to sweep any minefield the enemy puts in your path. If possible use ground assault battlebots and tanks to take the enemy base so that you have instant access to the enemy contraband. Load the contraband up into pods and hyperjump out with it back to your area of space. If you see any lone enemy ships with small crews hyperjump in on top of them and transfer a boarding party to the enemy ship using a Moscow Class ship. You will be able to transfer your boarding party onto the enemy ship before they get a chance to move. Your larger ships can be mounted with large power demand weapons, it would be best that you use Tylium Thrusters on these ships so that you will have enough energy output to keep your weapons charged and also have engines that are strong enough to withstand damage that you might take from enemy fighters and heavy laser weapons that can fire right through your shields and armor. Most enemy ships will have engines that can out run your ships in normal space movement. When enemy ships travel at high speeds and try to avoid you the only thing you can do to stop them is to attempt a boarding action with a Moscow Class. It could be better to just avoid such wild goose chases by ignoring their ships and just attack their planets. They will have to move their fleet into a fight with you to defend their planets or lose their planets to you. Take their planet and take their resources and use the resources against them. The Slayer Class Ship is a true monster. It can park over a planet and mine 1000000 kt of metals in a single turn. That will completely mine out a planet in a single turn! The force of that much mining might cause so much stress in the planet's code that the planet could exploded. If the Slayer is supplied with megacredits it can build any ship it needs, when it need it. If it gets trapped in a minefield it can build a fleet of H Ross Class Destroyers on the spot to take care of the minefield problem. It runs out of fighters it can just build more instantly. You are most likely not going to have any problems with metals once you have your first Slayer built. The Slayer is a ship that can be outfitted with an anti-matter maul which can be used to destroy jumpgates. You might consider spending money on exotic cloning tech to increase your population faster. You might want to gather up natives that are far from your area of space and move them back to your area of space. Do not forget your big shield advantage. Your Super Gorbi has double normal shield power. That is a nightmare for the enemy to fight, they will most likely use Photon torpedoes and sand casters to try to knock down your shields. You should bring a few suppose ships with you into battle with holodecoys to reduce the accuracy of the enemy torpedoes. You should outfit your Gorbi with a few concussion rocket point defense systems, these are the only weapons that can counter sand casters.

Playing Against

Use gravitonic minefields to protect your planets if you can lay them. Park gravity well ships at your planets so that they will have a hard time getting into and out of your important planets. Consider building a wall of gravitonic mines or gravity well ships between your area of space and the Evil Empire's. You might have to keep powerful fleets and wings over your important planets. Always mix in a few cheap ships with nothing but Heavy Lasers. Those weapons can fire through evil empire shields and may get in a lucky hit that will take out a weapon or power system without having to eat though all the extra heavy shields and armor on empire ships. If you have to fight them the best loadout of weapons is most likely photon torpedoes and sandcasters. Empire ships have poor evasive bonus factors to they will not be able to avoid the torpedoes very well. The sand casters will do two important jobs, destroy cheap fighters and destroy holodecoys that can reduce the accuracy of your torpedoes. It is important that you keep them from gaining to much money by stealing it from you. You might consider keeping large sums of money stored in cloaked warships parked in a safe area of space. It would be better that the money be lost than be taken by the Evil Empire. You should if possible send ships into Empire space to take out any weakly defended targets. A heavy and fast ship would do very well in Empire space. The Empire has nothing that can stop a fast moving battleship that is avoiding combat with the main fleet. They can only lay gravitonic and laser minefield, a large ship should be able to plow right on though at high speeds. They do not have ships that are fast enough to chase you down all that they can do is send Moscow class ships out to board you or sit on their planets with fleets of ships and wait for you to attack them. That is good, if these ships have to stay home to defend planets they are not out attacking your planets. If you can get them to give up an offensive war and go on defense you should be able to overwhelm them. Target anything that is going to make them money, their ships are expensive and their income is poor so do what you can to keep them getting the funds together to build a deadly fleet. If they have built a powerful fleet try to take out the most expensive assets that they would be hard pressed to find the funds to replace.. The Empire has spy scanner if you build no more than 5 cities on planets with more then one million colonists they can not detect your planet with their spy scanner.

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