Empires Of Planets 4

The Cyborg

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Playing As

Build King Palaces when possible to increase the money going into the central bank so that you can increase your tech as quickly as possible. Build and launch B200 probe ships filled with colonists to take over as many worlds with natives that you can assimilate. Build bases to strip the resources from as many planets as possible and use the ground base chunnel device to move the base filled with good stuff to a planet in your space where you can protect it with a fleet of cubes. Move your king to a planet with a good climate and build just farms and no cities or smelters, cities and smelters will slow the growth rate of the colonists. Ship in food to the planet and up to 10 million colonists. Your King will increase the growth rate to 120 and cause a 300% increase in the taxes collected. When you have over 20 million colonists on your King's base ship colonists off to nearby bases on other worlds and place them in cities to earn extra megacredits. Set you tax rate to enslavement. Build an attack force of Biocide Class and Annihilation Class ships and attack enemy bases as a fleet. Fill your fleet with the spoils from the base that you use destroyed and use it to rearm, repair, and refuel. Then move one to the next enemy base. Use the warp chunnel device to add ships to your fleet or to quickly get home to protect yourself from attack.

Playing Against

Attack them early in the game while they are still weak. Destroy the weak bases their probes will make all over the place. Send out light ships with good scanners to find all the new Cyborg bases and attack at once. Protect worlds with high levels of native population that the Cyborg can quickly assimilate. If you have to fight a war against their fleet attck with as many large ships as you can field. The larger the weapons the better. If your race has good ground combat skills ground attack them with a large group of troops. You will be able to reclaim 30% of defeated Cyborg as colonists. The Birds can reclaim 50% of the defeated Cyborg. The Crystals and Lizards can not reclaim any Cyborg. If you see a lone Firecloud or Firestorm ship kill it quick before the whole Cyborg fleet appears out of a warp chunnel.

Natural Enemies

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