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Playing As

Your ships are very weak, if you are hit with ord based weapons your ship will experience triple shield drain. Be sure to pick fights that you can win. Always attack in numbers great enough that you can take out the enemy. You are much better off if you can avoid fights and hide behind your thick minefields. Be sure to build lots of small mine layers lay minefield everywhere. One of the most deadly traps that can be set are cloaked web mines. A cloaked web mine can not be detected by the enemy. If you can get the enemy to park in your cloaked overlapping fields you can blow all the fields at once and do massive engine damage. One web field exploding causes 10% engine damage. Eleven web fields exploding at once will cause 110% engine damage. If you rush in to the enemy fleet's location with Lightships or Onyx Class ships with the X Field on you will take repair units from the enemy ships and possibly capture enemy ships before they have a chance to repair their disabled engines. The X Field has a 50% chance of capturing any enemy ship with more than 99% damage within 50 LY. If you can field more mine layers than your enemy can field mine sweepers you can trap enemy fleets in layer after layer of web mines.

A handy ship command code for the Crystals is "ORD". This command code orders the ship to beam up as much ord that the ship can carry from any or your own bases under the ship. You could just park ships over planets will repeat mine laying turned on and have the "ORD" command code automatically top off your ship with more ord every turn.

The Crystals have some major problems to overcome. You have no refinery or alchemy ships so you will need to capture those ships if possible. Your only source of fuel and metals is from mining and from whatever ships and pods you can catch in your web fields. If you fail to expand and take control of new sources of fuel, food and metals you will run out of fuel and food and die off. Hiding behind web mine fields the whole game will lead to failure. You must actively seek out and defend high HD stress worlds because they are such an important source of food and ord units for your race. You should seek out siliconoid natives for the ord units that they will produce for you.

It is better that you build very few cities if any at all. Cities require a great deal of food and your race has a very limited supply of food. You would be better off using just your tax income to survive and maybe make extra money by investing in the contraband market. Amorphous worms are a great source of income for the Crystals, because the Crystals can not be harmed by the amorphous natives.

To scare the daylights out of an enemy send out groups of Lightships with super laser weapons and just start blowing up his planets. That is a completely unexpected move. They will be expecting you to hide behind your web minefields and do nothing. Hit all the enemy planets that are not well defended and avoid enemy warships if possible.

It should be very easy for you to make an alliance with another race. Almost any race would like to have your ships running around in their space and on their battle fronts dropping web and gravitonic mines. They will most likely supply you with ord, fuel and food in exchange for the mine laying help. By careful not to harm your friends with detonating web fields and be care not to zap your friends with the Crystal X Field, it will take repair units from your friends as well as your enemies. It can also delete your friends alien ship plans, so you should only turn the X Field on after warning your friends or only where it will not harm him. You friends will also relish the scanning power of the Lightship if you share your contact data with your friends you can become their eyes.

Any race that is at war with the Evil Empire is most likely going to welcome help from you with open arms. They will want you to lay gravitonic minefields for them around their important planets.

Playing Against

Nothing fries the shields of a Crystal ship as quickly as banks and banks of sandcasters. Crystals have powerful shields but almost no armor. Once you get the shields of Crystal ships down it is very easy to rip through their thin armor.

The best way to stop a crystal player from growing to remove his only sources of food and ord. Make sure he does not take the high HD stress planets near his space. Use HD stress dampers to make the planet worthless to his hyper lathes. If you can, blow the planet up with a super laser weapon. Without HD stress planets he will run out of food and stave. Without HD stress planets he will have far less ord to lay more minefield. Take amorphous and siliconoid native planets away from him. The amorphous natives do not harm him like they do other races and they are a great source of income from the production of the spice contraband. The siliconoids will produce free ord for him allowing him to lay even more minefields.

To fight a war against the Crystal that is hiding behind a wall of web mines send in mine sweepers and mine layers the more the better. Escort the mine layers with a few good war ships that use ord based weapons. Have your mine sweepers sweep as many web mines as possible. Have a group of support ships stay behind loaded with repair units. If some of your mine sweepers take engine damage and run out of repair units have then withdraw to the support ships and pick up more. If the Crystal is overwhelming you with web mines withdraw and bring in more mine sweepers. If the Crystal has many overlapping web fields bring in a ship that can lay barbitic mines, go into the web field and lay the biggest cloaked barbitic field you can. Next turn detonate the cloaked field, this will clear all the webs that have their centers in your barbitic field at once. Follow up the barbitic detonation with a group of mine sweepers. As soon as you clear a path to one of his planets send in the battle fleet to take out his base. You should be able to slowly push him back planet by planet.

If you can scare the Crystal player into staying behind his web fields and just defend it will only be a matter of time before he runs out of food, fuel and ord and fades away. Most Crystals will do exactly that, so all you have to do is contain them and slowly eat away on them until they are dead..

If you see the Crystal player using ships with special devices that will give them a big advantage take those ships out if possible. If they get their hands on scalar wave amp, alchemy, or food producer ships they will be far more able to hold out behind a wall of mines and with their high growth rate they will become very rich over time.

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