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The Colonies Of Man

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Playing As

Your primary and best weapon is your Virgo Class Carrier and your fighter craft. Your Virgo Class is immune to hitting enemy minefields when it has high guard and a wing docked with it, be sure to keep at least one wing docked at all times with your Virgo Class and be sure to keep at least one high guard on your ship. All ships that begin movement within 10LY of a Virgo that is immune to mines are also immune from minefields. Be careful of minefields, only your Virgo Class ship can act as a mine sweeper. An enemy that lays minefields where you do not have any Virgo Class ships to provide immunity can quickly entrap or destroy your ships.

Because your bases are so weak it might be a good idea to keep most your population in space on board ships and only send them down to planets when you need a base to mine for metals or to build new fighters to replenish your fighter wings.

Your colonists will grow and produce money in space and you have the power to send and retrieve money from the galatic bank account so you might consider sending a few large colonists ships off the map and into deep deep space where nobody will look for them. Send along a Celestia class ship to collect the money from the colonist ships and send it into the galatic bank, the more space you can put between you and your enemies the better. You can use other Celestia class ships in the battle zone areas to withdraw money 10000 units at a time from the galatic bank and build what you need.

You should remain as mobile as possible and use planets mainly as sources of fuel and metals. Build bases to act as listening posts and as places to build new fighters and ships.

Your Virgo Class Carrier and your fighters are expensive so use them wisely. Do not let them be destroyed in cheap sneek attacks from enemy ships with Nemesis torpedoes or by a large group of Glory Device ships blowing up in the middle of your fleet or the enemy detonating Barbitic minefields turn after turn grinding your ships slowly into dust.

Be sure to build a base with lots of training centers to build up a large number of High Guard and place them on a Celestia Class ship to generate a easy and reliable source of income.

Use the Cobol class ship to drill for fuel directly from the planets you park the ship over. Send these ship ahead of the fleet to gather fuel to keep your ships moving.

Use your Warrior Shuttles' warrior assault device to destroy important enemy special race buildings, like Robot Gun Zero structures, Pirate Coves, and Cyborg King's Palaces. The Warrior assault device has a range of 10LY so you can park the shuttle near the enemy planets without having to go into orbit and risk combat.

Playing Against

The most powerful and dangerous ship the Colonies Of Man have is the Virgo class. It is also their only mine sweeping ship. If you see one of they ships do what you can to destroy it. If they do not have any Virgos in the area all their other ships can fall prey to any minefields that you lay. Most the Colony of Man ships are of just medium speed so you will do well if you use your high speed ships to make hit and run attacks on their very weakly defended bases. Rush in quick and drop off assault pods full of ground assault units and take out their bases. The Colonies do not own a single ship that can lay a mind fields so you should be able to move freely through out their space without fears of hitting a mindfield.

The Colony of Man do not have any ships that can build fighters in space so they must build a ground base in order to replenish their fighter wings. Lay lots of mindfields near Colony ships to force them to use their Virgo class ships to clear the mines or protect the ships. If you have access to a Crystal Light Ship and you have to attack a Colony fleet that has fighter wings send the Light Ship in as a second wave ship with the X device turned on, this will cause the Colonial fighters to loose 75% of their normal fighter weapon accuracy and will give your fighters a fighting chance against them. If you have access to Nemesis torpedoes use those weapons to destroy as many Colonial fighters as possible during combat. If you are finding it very hard to destroy the Colonial fighter threat it might be best to use small destroyer class ships with many point defense systems to combat the fighters. Quad Lasers and Turbo Lasers work well against Colonial fighters. Remember that the Virgo class is able to move through all types of minefields without hitting a mine, so minefields will give you very little protection when the Colonies Of Man attack with a Virgo class. If you are a Robot you can lay Nova Barbitic mines, the the Colonies use their Virgo immunity to move through your Nova Bartitic mines just detonate the minefields when you find the ships in the field to damage their fleet. The Colonies are immune to hitting minefields but they are not immune to detonating minefields

If you have access to Glory Device ships use them against the slow moving Colonies of Man ships that will tend to group together in a large fleet around their Virgo class ships for protection.

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