Empires Of Planets 4

The Birdmen

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Playing As

Place photon torpedoes on your high attack bonus ships. Use the very fast Deth Specula to disrupt enemy freighter runs. Take advantage of your strong ground combat power to capture lightly guarded enemy bases. Be careful not to destroy your own fighter craft with the Nemesis Torpedo super weapon. Your scanners are weak on most ships so be sure to build Skyfire class ships to be your eyes. Have Skyfires travel ahead of your cloaked ships. Use the Darkwings with world crusher missiles to get close to unshielded enemy bases while under cloak. Fire the world crusher missiles and return to cloak and move to a new location. Board enemy ships from cloaked ships. If the enemy is grouping to attack your fleet scatter your ships and take out many of their bases at once. If the enemy is spreading out to defend his planets group your ships into strong fleets and take out his spread out ships a few at a time. Try to make friends with other races, they would most likely want to trade ship plans or want you to help them fight the Cyborg. One of the most powerful attacks you can use on an enemy ship is a boarding action from a Deth Specula using all Birdmen High Guard Rangers. Your boarding High Guard will be able to kill 2 to 50 enemy crew and guests each and get away back to your cloaked ship if they fail to take the enemy ship. Packs of Deth Speculas can do a lot of harm to an enemy ship's crew. Load a cloaking ship up with Gold Pods full of contraband that your enemy's colonists like. Fly your ship up to less than 60LY from the enemy planet and order all the docked Gold Pods to sell the contraband to your enemy's base. That will drive the crime rate and unhappiness of the enemy base throw the roof and cut their income on that planet to almost nothing. If you see enemy life pods lying through space capture them and take them to a planet you can safely defend and place the new enemy prisoners inlabor camps or labor mines. This will drive your enemy's colonists mad with anger (if they are not Cyborg) and their happiness will drop to the point that they will refuse to pay taxes..

Playing Against

Use minefields to protect your planets. If a Birdman ship hits a mine it will be forced out of cloak. Gravitonic mines are very good mines to use as Birdmen detectors, they do little damage but have 2.6 times the odds of hitting enemy ships as barbitic mines. When a cloaked enemy ship hits a gravitonic mine it causes the ship to become visible, your ships might have time to auto intercept the cloaker and destroy it before it can get away. Place war ships over your important planets to protect them from sneak attack. Build bases on planets that you suspect the Birdmen to be hiding at, they will be able to spot their stealth ground bases. If you are able to build Tachyon scanner ships, build them and use them to watch for cloaked ships and find cloaked Birdmen bases. It can be hard to defend against cloaked ship, it might be better to take the fight to their space. Destroy their bases, force them to uncloak and use their fleet to defend their colonists. Kill their colonists and their empire will run out of money and fade away. If you build no more than 5 cities on planets with more then one million colonists they can not detect your planet with their spy scanner. If you see the Birdmen using ships that have good scanners attack them when possible, this will blind them. Use their poor scanners against them, to trick them into thinking your empire is somewhere it is not. Keep your ships moving, use zig-zag paths you never know when a boarding party of 75000 Birdmen are going to jump out of a cloaked Fearless Wing with Deth Specula escorts and take over your parked ship. Keep your ships supplied with repair units so your can keep your ships at 0% hull damage. The Fearless Wing can only board your ship if it has some hull damage. Lay laser mines around your planets if you can, if you suspect that the Birds are cloaked near your planets blow up a laser mine field to force their ships to show up. Don't worry about the Three Praetorian High Guard Masters idiots, they hardly ever do anything.

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