VCR Display


The version 4 VCR Display. ( VCR.EXE )

The above display shows a fleet battle in progress over a planet. Ships show up as icons, fighter wings show up as triangles, ground bases show up as small boxes and pods show up as little crosses. The currently selected object is a ship belonging to player 3 ( empire 3 ) named USS Tocusam. The currently selected object will have a yellow box around it at all times. You can pause the battle at any time using the pause button, click it again to resume. The IFF places a color coded friend or foe box around all ships on the screen. The colors of the IFF boxes are: green for all the ships you own, light blue for neutral races and red for enemy races. The pods and fighter wings are also color coded in the same way.

The above display also shows the last weapons that this ship has fired and when. If the weapon missed that will also be reported. From this display we can see that the USS Tocusam fired a laser at time index 14 that was a hit! The USS Tocusam is currently targeting the ship USS Poe. The USS Tocusam is receiving incoming fire from a ship named the USS Lovecraft. The current time index is 52. This battle has a total of 660 time indexes.

The selected item display shows you a picture of the object, who owns it, its name, the shield level, the armor level, and the hull level. When the shield level reaches 0% all incoming weapons fire will hit the armor. When the armor level reaches 0% all incoming fire will hit the hull, doing damage to not just the hull but all the ship`s systems like: the engines, generators, life support and control systems. When the hull level reaches 0% the ship breaks apart and explodes.

The display has a fixed size of 800 X 600 pixels. The display does not have a menu bar, so if you want to move the display to another area of the screen you will need to use the drag handles on the top right and left of the display. The face of the control panel can also be used to drag the VCR window around.

The load button lets you load a VCR file from your hard drive and view it.

The Report button stops the VCR and brings up a report screen that will list all events that happened during the battle, including: the times that ships were destroyed or left the battle, the times that ships entered battle, a list of all weapons fired and whether or not they hit and how many times they hit, and a list of which races fired on you.

The VCR screen also has a fast forward and rewind buttons that allows you to jump forward or backwards by 100 index units.