Building: Weapons Plant


Weapons Plant

Tech Level: 4

Cost: 1000mc + 50 Supply Units

Maintenance: 0

Production: Ship Weapons

Uses: Megacredits + Metals

Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

No limit on how many weapons can be made in a turn.

Makes small ship weapons.

Makes large ship weapons

Makes point defense systems

Makes super weapons

Makes all the parts that are important to arming war ships. Most parts require
one or more of the metals: duranium, tritanium and molybdenum. Completed weapons are
stored until needed. Weapons can be used by a military space port to build new ships
or can be loaded up onto outfit pods and launched into space by a pod launch pad.
Like all pods, outfit pods can travel through space alone or in the pod bay of
a ship. The metals needed to build the parts are refined by smelters from ores
and extracted from the ground by mineral mines or labor mines.