Building: Terraformer



Tech Level: 6

Cost: 1000mc + 10 Supply Units

Maintenance: 0

Production: 1 Point of climate change

Uses: 1 Fuel + 1 Megacredit + 1 Supply

Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Each unit can change the climate of a planet by 1 point.

Uses 1 unit of fuel + 1 megacredit + 1 supply unit per turn when terraforming.

When off the terraformer uses no fuel, money or supplies. When the climate of the planet
is at the terraformer`s target level already nothing is used. To increase the rate that a planet is terraformed more than one terraformer can be built on a single planet. If there is more than one race
living on a planet, each race can be using their terraforming units at the same time.