Building: Smelter



Tech Level: 1

Cost: 90mc + 1 Supply Unit

Intake: 10kt to 40kt of ore

Production: 5kt to 20kt of metal and fuel

Limit Per Planet: No Limit, However more than 10 will decrease colonist happiness

Can take in up to 10KT of each of the 4 different common ore types.

If there is a supply of all 4 different types of ore unit will produce 15KT of Metal and 5KT Fuel

Each smelter has 4 refining chambers that can handle up to 10KT of raw ore per turn. Each refining chamber is designed to handle one of the four common ores. Ore can be transported from planet to planet inside of an ore pod. Ore pods can be placed inside of a ship`s cargo bay or launched from a planet by a pod launch pad and travel without the aid of a ship. Ore is extracted from the ground by mineral mines and labor mines.