Building: Public Space Port


Public Space Port

Tech Level: 3

Cost: 500mc + 10 Supply Units

Maintenance: 10mc per turn

Production: 0

Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Attracts natives and colonists to your planet.

Increases the happiness of natives and colonists.

The public space port has no direct military value. No ships are built here. Ships are built at the military space port and not here. The main reason to build one of these expensive structures is to make the colonists and natives happy (if you care about such things) or to simply attract more natives to the planet who will arrive using their privately owned transports and shuttles.

Public space port can improve your colonists happiness by as much as 10 happy points, each.

The maximum that the happiness of natives can be improved is 5 points total, no matter how many public space ports you have on the planet. At only a 5 point bonus this is not a very good defense against the Rebels and their power to cause the happiness of all natives within 200ly to be drained by 3 to 10 points a turn depending on how many Rebel colonists are on the enemy bases. You natives are very likely to grow very unhappy and leave the base by way of the public space port and go join to Rebel bases. Think twice before turning a public space port on a base when there is a Rebel base within 200 ly of your planet and you have natives that you wish to protect..

Rebels have a range of 200 when it comes to making natives unhappy. The happy drain is equal to the number of colonists they have on their base.
100000 to 499999 = 3 points
499999 to 999999 = 5 points
1000000 and up = 10 points

If a base has more than 200 of any type of native and an active spaceport 10% of any natives of the same type on any other base within 300 ly will move to the base if the happiness level of the base is greater than the other base.

The public space port can attract new colonists to your planet at a rate of 1 new colonist per public space port times the number of thousand of colonists living on the base. If you have 1,000,000 colonists on a base and 1000 public space ports you could attract between 0 and 1,000,000 new colonists to your base in a single turn. You will never have more than 1,000,000 new colonists attracted to you base in a single turn.

If you have 1 or more public space ports on a base there is a 3% chance that a group of 10,000 or more new colonists will arrive at your base. Insectoid natives will never arrive at a base that is owned by the Enforcers.

Sept 9th, 2003