Building: Pod Pad


Pod Pad

Tech Level: 2

Cost: 15mc + 1 Supply Unit

Maintenance: 0

Production: 0

Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Launches Pods into space, sending them to other planets

Allows for the transfer of cargo from planet to planet without the use of ships

Pods are completely unprotected from attack or theft

It costs 25MC to launch a pod into space

A pod launch pad can send pods into space at a cost of 25 mc each.
The speed that a pod travels varies from race to race. A Fed pod for example travels at a speed of 20 ly a turn. A pod can be launched at any target object and will travel to the (X,Y) of where the object was at the time of launch. The course of a pod can not be changed once the pod has been launched. The pod will not change course if the object it was launched at moves. Pods are easy targets for enemy ships to pick off. Ion storms can send them off course. Pods are much safer when stored in the pod bays of ships. You can choose to have the pod simply go into orbit around the planet it was launched from and wait to be picked up by a friendly ship. Pods have a limited power supply. When the power supply runs out the pod and its cargo are lost.