Building: Ordnance Plant


Ordnance Plant

Tech Level: 4

Cost: 600mc + 20 Supplies

Maintenance: 0

Produces: Ord (Combat Ordnance)

Uses: Supplies + Megacredits

Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Produces ammunition (Ordnance)

10 Supply + 100 Megacredit >>> 100 Ord

Produces combat ordnance. Combat ordnance is more commonly referred to as ord.
Ord is used by ion cannons and anti-air craft weapon systems. These system use ord at a rate of
1 ord per shot. Many large ship weapon systems use ord to fire.

The small ship weapon system: streak missile uses 1 ord per shot. Ship weapon systems
that are beam, laser, phasor or ion based do not use any ord. They use only power from
ship engines and power generators. Ord can be transported in a ships ord hold or in a
resupply pod. Ord supply dumps on planets can cause secondary explosions if hit from orbit.
Ord is also used by space anti-ship mine dropper units to produce minefields in space.