Building: Labor Camp


Labor Camp

Tech Level: 1

Cost: 2mc + 1 Supply Unit

Maintenance: 0

Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Requires enemy prisoners to produce supplies and 10mc each. The Evil Empire can make 40mc per camp.

Only cruel races can build these, they can cause up to a 20% death rate among prisoners..

Each camp holds 100 prisoners.

40% of the time there are problems in the camps that can cause zero production or even a small loss of supplies, money, or population.

Cyborg refuse to work at a labor camp. The Evil Empire are able to produce four times the normal income levels from prison camps. These camps only produce supplies when there are prisoners present. Labor camps effect the morale of the entire enemy race being held in the camp. Supplies can be used planet side for building new buildings, terraforming and making ordnance. Supplies can be transported in the cargo holds of ships or inside resupply cargo pods.