Building: Government Center


Government Center

Tech Level 1

Cost: 100mc + 100 Supply Units

Maintenance: 5mc per turn

Limit per planet: 1 per race

Wires money to the galactic bank. Improves colonist happiness. Helps to produce more troops and crew.

Up to 10000 mc can be transfered from the base to the galactic bank account per turn.

These produce an extra 400 mc for the Draconian race. And give all natives on the Draconian base a +5 happiness bonus.

When The Scavenger Race transfers money to the galactic bank account they get all their money doubled as long as they have a ship hull tech of 6 or less, an engine tech of 10 or less, and a large weapon tech of 6 or less. So if they transfer 10000 to the galactic bank the next turn they will find that 20000 made it to the galactic bank. If they break through any of the above tech limits they will find that only half the money they send will get to the galactic bank account, as in it they send 10000, they will end up with only 5000 getting there.

Your colonist's happiness will increase by 5 points per turn if you have a government center.

The rate that troops are trained by a training center is increased by around 10% by the government center.

You can easily update the transfer of megacredits setting for this building from the base overview screen.

Nov 29, 2003