Building: Fighter Plant


Fighter Plant

Tech Level: 4

Cost: 550mc + 15 Supply Units

Maintenance: 0

Produces: Space Fighter Craft

Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

Produces 3 different types of fighter craft.

Type of craft depends on the race owning the base.

Each race can produce three different types of fighter craft. In most cases these designs include a light fighter, advanced fighter and a fighter-bomber design. The feds have 2 types of attack shuttles and a advanced heavy fighter. Fighters do not require any minerals to build. Fighters will defend the planet from attack but can not leave the planet on their own without the support of a air attack base. Fighters can not be loaded onto ships unless they are part of a fighter wing formed by an air attack base. New fighters can be transported from planet to planet by packing them in an assault pod.