Building: Farm



Tech Level: 1

Cost: 5mc + 1 Supply

Maintenance: 0

Production: 1mc + 1 Food

Limit Per Planet: Varies with planet soil type.

To produce food planet climate must be within races farming climate range.

The number of farms that a planet supports varies from planet to planet.

Planetary farm land is shared between all races on a planet.

Most planets can support anywhere from 0 to 200 farms. If two or more races are living on the same planet they must share the available farm land. The first race to build a farm gets the land. It is possible for one race to use all the farm land while other races use none. Food is used by cities, resorts, and med labs. Med labs use food to produce medical packs. Food can be carried from planet to planet in a ship`s cargo hold or by using a resupply cargo pod.