Building: Factory

(The means of production of supplies)



Tech Level: 1

Cost: 3mc + 1 Supply Unit

Uses: 1mc

Limit Per Planet: No Limit

Turns megacredits into supply units at a rate of 1 supply unit per turn per factory.

Factory output is limited by the number of colonists living on the base. One hundred colonists can run 14 factories. One million colonists can run up to 1414 factories. Thirty million colonists can run 7745 factories.

You can turn all the factories on a planet off to save megacredits. The factory takes in megacredits at a rate of one per turn per factory and produces one supply unit each per turn.

Supplies are mainly used to build other buildings and to produce combat ordnance units. Supply units are consumed by resorts and terraformer.

Labor camps can also produce supply units.

The Crystal's Hyperlathes produce supply units.

Having more than 10000 Bovinoids on a base will double the production of supplies at no extra cost.

The Alchemy ship device can convert supplies into metals that can be used to build new ships.

The Glory device can be used to turn Amorphous natives into supplies and well and food and contraband.

The ship command code BDS causes the ship to beam down supplies to the base under the ship after all movement is over.