Building: Engine Plant


Engine Plant

Tech Level: 4

Cost: 310mc + 70 Supply Units

Maintenance: 0

Production: High Energy Ship Parts

Uses: Megacredits + Metals

Limit Per Planet: 1 Per Race

No limit on how many parts can be made in a turn.

Makes engines, hyperdrives, ship shields, generators and ship armor.

Makes all the parts that are important to moving and protecting ships. Most parts require one or more of the metals: duranium, tritanium and molybdenum. Completed parts are stored until needed. Parts can be used by a
military space port to build new ships or can be loaded up onto outfit pods and launched into space by a pod launch pad. Like all pods, outfit pods can travel through space alone or in the pod bay of a ship. The metals needed to build the parts are refined by smelters from ores and extracted from the ground by mineral mines or labor mines.