Building: Smuggler`s Cantina


Smuggler`s Cantina

Tech Level: 1

Cost: 10mc + 1 Supply Unit

Maintenance: 0

Limit Per Planet: No Limit

No greater den of crime and villainy will you find in the universe.

Bases with high populations and great number of Cantinas can produce some contraband each turn at random. The maximum production rate is reached when you have ten million or more colonists on your base. Low population bases have very little chance of producing contraband. The amount of contraband produced is random, but no one contraband produced in a trun can be greater than the number of Cantina's on the base. If you have a thousand Cantinas and ten million colonists all contraband types will have a 10% chance of growing in amount by zero to one thousand units.

Bases with 5 or less Cantinas and one hundred thousand or more colonists have 50% odds of producing each of the twelve types of contraband.