Star Map


The main star map is used to display all the object in space. The above screen shows a group of 4 planets being selected with a left mouse drag. As you drag the mouse a red line and white text will let you know the distance from where you started dragging the mouse to where the mouse is now. When the mouse is released all the objects within the yellow box will be loaded into
space command panel`s object list. Left clicking on the map will select the object, making it the currently selected object ( hammer ) that you will be giving commands to or viewing data on. Right clicking the mouse on the map will select the object under the click to be he secondary
( anvil ) object. A center button click will cause the map to be centered on area that was clicked.

The planet in the middle ( Vega ) has many interesting special things going on including:

The yellow hammer above and right of the planet circle, plus the long vertical line and short horizontal line, means that the planet is the current
hammer object. The blue square around this planet, and all the other planets in the area, tells you that there is a log message about this planet that you need to look at. The yellow color of the planet lets you know that you have full scanner information on this planet. The green circle means you have colonists living on the planet. The little grey flag sticking out of the bottom of the planet means you have a notepad message that you have written to yourself. The red and yellow flags sticking out the top left of the planet means that the red and yellow marker flags have been turned on using the notepad .


List Of Symbols Used On The Main Star Map

This list can be brought up by clicking on the symbol icon on the main star map.

The left column are object symbols, green objects belong to you. Blue objects belong to races that you are not at war with. Red object are objects that belong to races that you are at war with.

The right column are symbols used to show objects that are current targets of the hammer object.