The spy commands are accessed from the central command screen. You can only target one race at a time for these special high power spy missions.

Launching a spy mission requires Spy Mana. This number represents operatives and information that is waiting to be used in your attack on the enemy. This amount will build up over time if you have highguard rangers. You can help gain more spy mana quicker by spending money from your central bank. If you attempt to spend far more than your spy operatives can use they will only spend what they need and leave the rest in the central bank.

Money will flow into your central bank if you have a population, the amount is based on the total number of colonists that you have under your rule and how well they are doing. You can also have extra amounts of money transferred to your central bank from your government centers.

A race can resist spy attacks if they have high leadership, lawfulness, and PSI ratings.

A high light powers rating increases your spies chances of success.

A high dark powers rating increases how much damage the attack will do.

Large empires with unhappy colonists are easy targets of spy attacks.