Ships are the only objects that have full featured transporters. Some pods have limited transporter powers. Ground bases do not have transporter powers. If you are going to move cargo to or from a planet you are going to need to use a ship`s transporter.

The transporter attempts to transfer cargo to and from the target object. Incoming cargo will be shown in green. Outgoing cargo is shown in red. You can only transfer cargo to one object at a time and it must be able to accept the cargo. If the transfer target object does not have the room only what will fit will be transferred. Once a transfer is made the transporter settings will all be reset to zero. The transfer only takes place when the ship passes by the target object during the ship`s normal movements. You can transfer to a target as you pass by it on your way to another place.

If the jettison cargo switch is turned on the out going cargo will be dumped into space.