Ship Overview Screen


The overview screen shows you almost everything that you need to know about a ship. The screen also lets you enter important commands, such as way point and speed.

The left side of the screen shows that this ship has 4 small weapons and a full compliment of crew. The guest quarters area of the ship has 100 guests. All of them are colonists. The ship`s friendly code is
AUN and all the command codes are set to AAA. The long range scanners are on. The skill, experience, and happiness of the ship is 65 / 0 / 249.

The nav map in the top middle of the screen shows that the ship is over the planet New Cappone and has its way point set to the location of Planet X, object ID 222. You can set a new way point by just left clicking on the mini nav map. You can view a data pad with data on any object should on the mini nav map by right clicking on the mini nav map.

You can change the speed of the ship by dragging your mouse across the speed bar on the top left side of the screen. The speed of the ship is currently 9 and the ship has a max speed of 20. At the current speed the ship`s estimated time of arrival ( ETA ) is 9 turns. The ship will burn a total of 1kt of fuel to travel to the set way point. The distance to the way point is 78 LY.

The ship is currently in nav mode: waypoint. This simply means the ship is traveling to a way point and is not intercepting or escorting another ship. Clicking on the
C button next to the way point button will clear the way point.

When a ship has an intercept target the ship will travel to its intercept target and will completely ignore any way point or escort target.

When a ship does not have an intercept target and has an escort target the ship is in escort mode. When a ship is in escort mode it will travel to its escort target and ignore its way point.

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The bottom right side of the screen shows that the ship currently has no damage all systems are green.

The middle bottom part of the screen shows that this ship does not have any shield power and only 10 armor units. The ship has no hull plans in its data bank. It has 123 megacredits. It has 30 units of standard cargo and can hold a maximum of 40 cargo units. The standard cargo that it is holding is 10 units of supplies, 10 units of food and 10 med units. Each unit of standard cargo has a mass of 1 kt. The ship currently has no ordnance or repair units. Ordnance and repair units have a mass of 0.001 kt each.

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