Ship Nav Screen


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Nav Modes and Targets

This is a screen that you most likely will not need to use very often. What makes this screen handy is it shows all the current nav targets and lets you access them.

There is currently no intercept target, but there is an escort target, so the ship is in escort mode. The ship`s way point setting is currently being ignored by the ship.

The box in the lower right corner shows a ship named gg1 with an ID of 805. This ship is the current secondary object ( anvil object ) on the
space command pad . It also happens to be the escort target for this ship. This is indicated by the bright green trace line from the box in the lower right to the escort slot.

Clicking on any of the small arrows pointing to the left will set the target slot. For example if you were to click the left arrow next to the intercept slot, gg1 will become the new intercept target. The trace line from the intercept target to the bottom right box will light up and the ship will switch to Intercept nav mode.

If you have a target selected you will see a small right pointing arrow like the one that the escort target currently has. Clicking on one of those arrows will cause the target object to become the secondary (anvil ) object. The target will appear in the box in the lower right corner as well as on the space command pad as the right hand object.

This screen can be used to select the current transfer target, but not to change the current transfer target. The transfer screen is the only screen that can be used to change the transfer target.

The way point is a point in space and not an object. You can have the ship move to the current location of another object in space, but of the object moves your ship will not follow it. The ship will just end up at the old location of the object. If you wish to follow another object you will need to use the intercept or escort options.

The ship is not going to make any effort to move to the location of the kill, capture or tow targets. If the ship happens to pass by the location of one of these targets it will attempt to interact with the object.

The speed slider on the left side of the screen can be used to change the ship speed from here. The red markings on the slider show the fuel burn levels at various speeds.