Navigation Modes and Targets

Also see: Navigation Screen

The most important target object is the intercept target. The ship will ignore its escort target and all its way points in order to give chase to the intercept target. The ship will follow the intercept target until the object is destroyed or disappears off of the ship`s scanners.

The second most important target is the escort target. The ship will ignore all its way point settings and just follow the ship that it is suppose to escort. Commonly the escort target is a fleet leader or a cargo ship that needs protection. You can escort a ship belonging to another race if you wish.

The third most important setting is the ship`s way points. The ship will travel to way point 1 and then on to way point 2. As a ship moves through a way point the way point is deleted from memory. It is possible for a ship to pass through many way points in a single turn.

If a ship has a hyperdrive it will make only a single jump per turn. It will jump to its way point 1 or if way point 1 is too far for a single jump to reach the ship will jump in the direction of way point 1. After the ship makes a hyperjump the ship will then use its subspace engines to continue traveling if it has any more way points that it has not reached yet. If you are in an area that you can not use your hyperdrive your ship will use its subspace engines only. Hyperdrive engines always use the same amount of fuel no matter how far the ship is jumping.

The capture, transfer, tow and kill targets do not cause the ship to change course at all. The ship will only interact with those target objects if the ship comes into contact with the object during its way point, escort or intercept guided travels.

If a ship comes in contact with its capture target it will attempt to capture it. If the ship comes in contact with its transfer target it will attempt to transfer cargo to and from the target object.

You can attempt to take over an enemy ship by transferring crew and troops to the ship.

The ship will attempt to begin towing its tow target if it encounters it during its travels. The ship will tow the target if it has the tow power and has a tractor beam that has the power rating that is equal to or greater than the target`s hull mass. A ship can not be towed through hyperspace.

The distance listed is the total distance the ship is set to travel by means of its way points. It is the sum of the distance that the ship will travel if it travels to all its way points. Intercept and escort targets do not count in this distance measurement.

The Est. Burn is the amount of fuel that the ship will burn if it travels the total distance of all its way points.

The ship mass is the total mass of the ship, including the hull, all ship parts and all cargo.