Ship Codes Missions And Scanners


Codes Missions and Scanners: This is where the ships friendly code and special command codes are stored. If you set the ship`s friendly code to that of the universal friendly code of an enemy you will be able to pass by enemy ships without being attacked.. Ships that are set on auto intercept will not a ship that has its own race`s universal friendly code. Command codes are used to activate and send commands to deep space objects that can understand them. Jump gates are activated using command codes. Some very unique and rare deep space objects will respond to special command codes.

The auto intercept enemy ships command switch orders a ship to intercept the first enemy object that it detects that enters its auto intercept range. The range can be set from 0 to 100 LY using the above slider bar. The ship will follow the enemy ship until the either the ship disappears from the ships scanners or is destroyed. After it has finished the intercept mission it will return to what it was doing before, such as following a fleet leader ship or traveling a course of way points.

You have a choice of different types of
scanners to use. The longer range scanners you use the more likely you are of being detected. You can turn your active scanners on and off. The active scanners emit an active subspace scanning beam that other ships can detect. If you turn off all your scanners you will still be able to detect enemy ships and object using your passive detectors, which are always on and do not emit any signals that enemies can detect.

Running lights light up a ship with outside lighting, flashing light beacons and subspace beacons. You clearly show up on even the weakest of enemy scanners. It is very common for large powerful ships to use the running lights to attract attention and put on a massive show of force, while a second attack force takes action elsewhere.