Ships Building New Ships


Most ships do not have a construction bay and are therefore unable to build ships, however they still have access to this ship building screen so that they can have access to the ship plan data bank. You can view any of the ship hulls that your race can build. You can load any of the plans into the ship`s hull plan data bank. This ship is set to transfer cargo to object ID 2691, the above transmit data switch is turned on the plans loaded into this data bank will be transferred to the target object. If the target object has an empty data bank the plans will be saved in its hull plans data bank. Only ships, construction pods and ground bases have ship plan data banks. If you turn on the erase data switch the ship plan that is currently stored in the data bank will be erased. If you decide at a later time, before you are done entering your commands that you would rather not delete the plans you can flip the switch back to the off position and save the data. If you store any of your plans in the data bank the old data that was there will be deleted and can not be recovered.

The details button will give you a complete list of hull details, including weapons and cargo capacity.

You can build many copies of the hull at once if you have the metals and money. The metals needed to build the hull must be loaded in the ship`s standard cargo storage area. Once a hull is produced it will have no engines or weapons. The new hull must be outfitted with engines and other parts using an outfit pod. You can tow the new hull to the outfit pod or tow the outfit pod to the new hull.

This ship is unable to build a Kittyhawk Class Carrier due to a lack of metals and megacredits. Ships have a limit as to how large a new hull they can build. The above ship is a Terra class. It has a huge construction bay and can build almost any ship. Even ships that can not build new hulls can still transport ship plans.

A much better way to use the construction bays of ships is to use the
Quick Ship Build Screen . Using that screen you can build ships from plans that are fully armed and ready to fight and not just empty hulls waiting for an outfit pod.