Attack Controls (Ship)


Battle Orders

Attack Mode And Battle Plans:

Attack All Enemies
Attack enemies, ship has permission to fire first.
Flee From All Enemy Races
Run away and do not attempt to fight
Stay At Stand Off Range
Try to stay at a stand off range (0 to 1000) if possible and fire at the enemy from that range.
Hold The Line At Any Cost
Do not run no matter what.
Target Soft
Target the enemy targets that are small or soft and can quickly be destroyed. Enemy cargo pods will be targeted first.
Target Dangerous
Target the enemy target that has the most dangerous weapons.
Strike Through
Travel through the battle area as quickly as possible. Take one shot at enemy targets and run.
Attempt to run into enemy ships
Delay Ship (Second Wave)
Ship waits and enters battle as a part of a second attack wave
Fire At Ground Targets
This gives the ship permission to fire on enemy ground bases even if they do not fire back. Ships always have permission to fire on ground bases if the ground base fires on the ship.
Do not fire at disabled
Do not fire at enemy ships that are damaged so badly that are unable to move or fire their weapons or any ship that is missing its crew.

The stand off range is the distance that the ship will attempt to maintain from all other enemy ships during a battle. More often then not it is impossible to maintain the distance in a battle, but the ship will try its best.

The attack vector is the general direction the ship will attempt to enter battle from. You may wish to have your ships all attack in one large pack from one direction to focus maximum firepower on an enemy or you may wish to attack in all different directions at once to entrap a group of ships that you know will attempt to run. A circle of ships makes it hard for a ship that its attempting to stay at a stand off range to maintain the distance.