Differences Between The Shareware And Registered Versions

The shareware version of the game does not have any time limits, it does not have any turn limits.

Registered players:

Can upgrade to higher tech levels than shareware players.

Get a 40 point spy bonus.

Have a maximum colonist population of 50 million instead of 30 million.

Natives grow twice as fast.

Native migrate to public space ports twice as fast.

For the latest information on how to register planets 4 you can send an email message to:

Tim Wisseman

Email: cocomax@aol.com

The regular price of planets 4 is $30. All registered planets 3 players can buy version 4 at the discount price of $15. These prices will be good until at least the year 2002.

My mailing address is:

Tim Wisseman
PO Box 204
North Fork
CA 93643


To enter your reg code into planets4.exe: Start the program, click the register icon on the toolbar, on the screen that pops up click the register button. You will see 6 boxes, place your reg code into the boxes. You have the option to enter your name email address and city on the lines under the reg code, this information will be sent to the host every turn and will be logged in a host side log file for the host to see. Other players will not see this information.