Race Select


The race select screen has multiple uses. It is used to select which races to send a message, as well as which race to spy on. You will have up to 30 pairs of buttons on the left side of the screen. The gray button with the numbers drawn on them activate the display for that race number. Button 6 is currently pressed so all the information that you will be seeing on the right side of the screen will apply to race 6 ( player 6 ). You can see that race 6 ( player 6 ) is a Cyborg Collective player. The race pack ID is 106, the race pack version is 101, and the name of the race file is RACE106.RCE. The person who is playing this race is using the name
Player 6.

If you click the striped orange square button to the left of any of the gray buttons the button will depress and light up green to indicate that this race has been selected for what ever action you are currently taking, such as sending a message.


In the above screen we are looking at race 3 ( player 3 ), we can see that have standing orders to attack members of race 3. Race 4 and race 5 have been selected. If this screen was called from the send message screen, when you click on the done button races 4 and 5 will be on the send message to list. The spy command switch activates low level spying on the race, this form of spying is free, but generally not effective.


We can see from the above screen that we are receiving no incoming data from race 3.


This screen shows you the
race characteristics . The above are the Solar Federation Of Planets numbers.