Quick Ship Build Screen


ABOVE: The current plan selected is the Outrider Class Scout. The currently selected builder is Ground Base 2854. A click on the Build 1 button will place an order for one Outrider that will show up next turn fully armed with all the listed weapons and parts. The Ground Base has enough metals and money to build 574 of these ships. You are free to rename the ship plans by editing the name in the text box under the ship`s picture. You can also delete this plan by clicking on the delete button in the lower left corner.

Import All will create a set of quick build plans based on each of the different ships that you currently have deployed.

Delete Plan will delete the plan and the corresponding QSP file in the \plans\ directory.

Import Hammer will add the plans to the currently selected ship to the list of quick build plans.

This screen lists all the different ship designs that you currently have stored in the \plans\ sub directory as a 202 byte QSP file. The QSP files can be copied from computer to computer. Every game that you play in will have its own private ship plan directory. The QSP files are stored in paths under the \plans\ directory named after the slot number being used and the player number of the race you are playing. For example if you are playing in slot 1 and you are player 24 then the QSP files will be stored in the sub directory \plans\s1x24\. When you close this screen all the ship plans will be saved as qsp files in the \plans\s1x24\ sub directory.

No pre-building required, no parts in storage required. No parts in storage are used. A quick build command turns metals and money directly into a ship. However, if there are parts in storage at the base those parts will be used first to make the ship before any money and minerals are used to build the new ship.

The quick ship build screen lists all the ships that you can have built now in green, ships that you can not build due to lack of metals or money will be listed in yellow text. Ships that you do not have the tech level or hull plans for are listed in red.

On the right side of the screen is a list of the all the ground bases and ships that are able to build the ship. You can use the map button or hammer select button on this screen to see the builder`s location on the map or access the builder`s command screen.

You can build 1, 5, 10, or 20 copies of the ship at once. You can delete the ship build order by accessing the builder`s pending order screen.

If the builder is a ground base and the ship being built has weapons the ground base must have a weapons plant to be able to build the ship. If the ground base has enough crew, the new ship will be fully staffed with a full crew.

Ships building new ships can produce any part required on their own, including any weapon or engine required. Ground bases will do the same, but do require the proper buildings. (engine plant, weapons plant)

New ships get a full load of repair units and combat ord.

Ships building new ships will send 10 of their own crew over to the new ship to act as a skeleton crew.

Sept 4th, 2003