Outfit Pod


The outfit pod holds all the parts a ship can have, including weapons, engines, armor, shields, and generators. Ship hulls that have been built without parts, such as ships that have been built in deep space by star bases or construction ships, will need to be supplied with weapons and engines from an outfitting pod before the ship is of any use. The parts that are loaded onto the pod come from the
weapon plants and the engine plants located at your ground bases.

The outfit pod is divided into two parts, the old parts area and the new parts area. When you upgrade a ship the parts that are in the new parts area will be placed on the ship. The old parts from the ship will be placed in the pod`s old parts storage area. The pod can be carried off to a ground base and the old parts can be placed back into storage. If there is not enough room on the ship to hold all the new parts, the parts that did not fit will remain in the new parts area. If the upgrade was successful the upgrade ship switch will automatically switch off.

You can dump any of the old parts into deep space if you wish. You can move the old parts into the new parts area. As many parts as possible will move to the new parts area from the old parts area, until the new parts area is holding its maximum number of parts. The maximum number of parts that can be placed in the new parts area of the outfitting pod are: 10 point defense, 20 large weapons, 30 small weapons, 1 super weapon, 5 generators, 1 hyper drive, 30 engines, 1 shield generator and 30000 armor units. The old parts storage area can hold an equal number of parts. The old parts area does not have an armor storage area, because a refit using an outfitting pod never removes armor.