Cargo Pods

Assault Pod

Construction Pod

Gold Pod

Junk Pod (Wreckage)

Life Pod

Native Pod

Ore Pod

Outfit Pod

Resupply Pod


Pods are launched into space using a pod pad the first step that needs to take place before a pod can be launched is it needs to be loaded up with cargo. Each different type of cargo pod carries a different type of cargo. The above is a screen shot of a life pod being loaded up with colonists. You can continue to load the pod with cargo until the pod has reached a mass of 1000 kt. After that no more cargo can be placed on the pod.



After you have loaded the pod with cargo you can use the flight plan option to send the pod off into space. You have the option of ordering the pod to dock with a ship or base. The pod can dock with any ship that you own that has an empty cargo pod bay and you own. If the pod comes near the dock target any time during the movement phase the pod will dock with the ship and continue to move inside of the ship out of view of the enemy.

If the dock target ship does not have a empty cargo pod bay nothing will happen when the ship gets near the pod.

The drop target is the place that pod will leave the ship and go into space. In the above screen shot we see that the assault pod will dock with the Euryale and stay docked until the ship passes by base ID 2682 ( Base Andrrogeos Linea ) at that point the pod will drop from the ship and go into space. If the pod's orbital thrusters are turned off the pod will land at the base, otherwise the pod will stay in space just floating.

You could set the pod`s dock target to a ship that you know has a free pod bay and will pass by the pod. You could then set the drop target to be the planet or base that you would like the pod dropped off at.

You also have the option of setting a boost target for the pod. When you use a boost target most of the time there is no need to use a dock target or a drop target. When you use boost target the pod will fly through space under its own power free of any ship. The above display shows that the pod will move at a speed of 30 ly per turn and it will have enought energy for the pod to last 20 turns. When the energy runs out the pod and its cargo are lost. Pods docked to ships do not loose energy.

Pods are easy targets for enemy ships to pick off. Pods are much safer when stored in the cargo holds of ships. You can choose to have the pod simply go into orbit around the planet it was launched from and wait to be picked up by a friendly ship, or you can choose to send the pod flying off into deep space to another base on another planet on its own.

To capture an enemy pod just set your ships intercept and capture target to the pod that you want to grab. If you end up within 2 ly of the target pod after movement the pod should end up belonging to you. Any ship can capture a pod. The only pod that can not be captured is the assault pod.

Nov 30, 2003