Assault Pod


The assault pod is three times more difficult for scanners to detect than other pods due to its special stealth design. It can be used to board and take over enemy ships, but doing so is very risky. The pod can not defend itself from enemy weapons fire and has no armor or shielding. If it is attempting to board an enemy ship you better be sure that the target ship has no working weapons or the assault pod will be destroyed by even the weakest weapon.

The main use of an assault pod is to land troops on a planet`s surface to set up new ground base or to reinforce an existing base. This is usually done after star ships have clear the sky over the planet of any enemy threats.

If you have to get troops onto a planet that is heavily contested it is best to drop the troops in directly from a star ship. You could bring in assault pods to add ground combat units, but you should protect the assault pod by keeping it in a pod bay for the trip or have ships escorting the pods along the way to the planet.