(Combat ordnance)


Combat Ordnance (Ord ) is the standard ammo used in most weapons. There are a few pure energy based weapons that do not use any Ord at all. Ord is produced on bases that have Ord plants. Ord is made using money and supplies at an ord factory. The cost of making 1 unit of ord is 0.1 supplies and 1 mc each. If you have over 100,000 siliconoids living on your base the cost of ord is half price.

Ord is used by base ion cannons and anti-air craft weapon systems. These system use ord at a rate of 1 ord per shot.

Many large ship weapon systems use ord to fire. The small ship weapon system: streak missile uses 1 ord per shot. Ship weapon systems that are beam, laser, phasor or ion based do not use any ord. They use only power from ship engines and power generators. Ord can be transported in a ships ord hold or in a resupply pod. Ord supply dumps on planets can cause secondary explosions if hit from orbit. Ord is also used by space anti-ship mine dropper units to produce minefields in space.

The Crystals produce their Ord using hyperlathes which transform HD Stress into ord, cash, metals, and food. The Crystals can build a special building called a ground sweeper that can remove minefields from space and convert the mines back into Ord units.

Fighter wings carry a very small load of micro ord that can be make by any starship using a tiny amount of fuel. A wing can refill its micro ord supply just by docking with any friendly ship.

It is possible for an enemy spy attack to cause the ord units stored on a base to explode, killing a large number of the colonists living on the base.