The notepad stores any text that you enter from turn to turn. You can write a note for any object that has an ID number. Objects that have an active note will have a white flag sticking out of them on the main star map. You can turn on an additional green, yellow and red flags by click on the boxes along the bottom of the notepad. A solid color inside one of the boxes indicates that the flag is on the object. The above object has a yellow and a red flag turned on, the green flag is off.

The notepad can track ether the hammer object or the anvil object, it is currently tracking the hammer object as you can tell from the depressed hammer button. As you change to different hammer objects using the
space command panel the object being displayed by the notepad will change to the new hammer object. Depressing the anvil button will cause the notepad to begin tracking the anvil object instead of the hammer object.