They have a mind of their own and come and go as they please. If the planet’s natives like you they will move into your base and assist in your war efforts. Natives can be transported from one planet to another using native life pods. They hate orbital bombardment. If another base is built on a planet that you have the base on and the natives like that race more than your own the natives will leave your base and join the other race's base.

The safer the natives feel, more likely they are to help you.

Natives on planets grow at 2% per turn under ideal climate conditions and 0% under the worse conditions. Ideal conditions for siliconids are a climate rating of 100 all other natives like climate ratings of 50 best.

Natives on bases grow at a rate of 2% if they are at 100% happiness or above. They grow at 0% when the happiness rates 0%. Climate does not affect the growth rate of natives that are safely in a base.





In a word, trouble. Blood sucking, transdimensional psychokinetic monsters. Can tunnel through the ground, fly, and pass through solid matter at will. When a native pod full of Chupanoids is destroyed in space they can be scattered to all the surrounding planets within 350ly of the doomed pod. If your colonists run out of food and start starving to death the Chupanoids will begin eating your dead and rapidly grow in number and happiness. There is a 30% chance some of the Chupanoids on the planet will join your base. It is tricky to get Chupanoids into a native pod. If their happiness is under 70% they will not get into the pod at all. If they are more than 70% happy there is still a 30% chance they will escape the pod before it takes off. If they are under 80% happy they will eat up to 1/100 kt of food each, much less if they are more than 80% happy. They can eat up to 1/50kt of any type of contraband each regardless of their happiness. The ship device known as the Eye of Madagon will increase their happiness level to 300% and cause any Chupanoids on the planet to instantly join with any base on the planet. The Eye of Madagon has a range of 10 ly and is a device that the Robots are known to use. Chupanoids will not pay a cent in taxes. . . ever.



Humanoids are good money producers, however they do get unhappy at higher tax rates. They tend to join bases belonging to races that have a high PR rating and are four times as likely to join a Humanoid base as a non-Humanoid base. If they spot a Cyborg ship near their planet they will send out a general distress call to all. If 100000 Humanoid natives are assimilated at one time by the Cyborg King in a single turn the Cyborg will get a free increase in hull tech. This can only be done once per turn. Cyborgs get 1/20 of a mega credit for every Humanoid that they assimilate. Scavenger crawlers can gather parts to make a type 1 fighter for every 100000 Humanoid natives found on the planet.



Mineral Mining experts. They are able to double the mineral mining rates on any base that has more than 50000 living in the base. They tend to join races that have high leadership and join races that are lizard like. Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 armor unit per 1000 Retilians. They produce 25% the normal amount of tax income.


Are lazy workers, producing only 10% the normal tax income. They are attracted by Kerria Crystal Artifacts. The more you have the more likely they are to be attracted to your base. They will take some of the Kerria Crystals as they join your base.

If you have more than 50000 Ghipsoldals on your base with a happiness of over 75% they will begin building starship engines for you. They will build 1 of each engine type for you.

If you have 2000000 Ghipsoldals with a happiness of over 110% they will build you 16 of each type of engine. This is the maximum build rate for them. There is a wide range of build levels between this level the minimum build rate, its all depends on their population and happiness.

If they spot a Cyborg ship within 100 ly of one of their planets they will send out a distress call. If 100000 or more Ghipsoldal natives are assimilated by the Cyborg king in a single turn the Cyborg get an engine tech bonus. They can only get one such bonus in a single turn.

Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 med unit per 500 Ghipsoldals.


Explosive and ordnance experts. Siliconoids produce only 8% of the normal tax income. If you have 100000 or more Siliconoids living on your base your ord production will be doubled. You will get exactly twice as much for the same amount of money. They are attracted to races that have high PSI ratings.

Every 50 Siliconoids on a Crystal owned planet will produce 1 new ord unit a turn.

Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 ord unit per 333 siliconoids.


Beam weapon experts. They will sometimes manufacture beam weapon systems for you when they are happy with your war efforts.

Amphibians are attracted to races that have high PSI ratings and high Dark Force ratings.

If you have just over 50000 Amphibians with a happiness of over 75% you will get one of each type of large ship weapon built for you every turn.

If you have a population of 4000000 and a happiness of over 110% they will build for you 8 of each type of large ship weapon. This is the maximum rate of production.

Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 repair unit per 500 Amphibians.


If you have more than 10000 Bovinoids in a bases all your factories on that base will increase their production, for every mega credit you spend you will produce two supply units instead of the normal of just one. They are attracted to races that have high light powers rating and run from races that have a high dark powers rating. Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 supply unit per 1000 Bovinoids. They produce 200% normal tax income.


Insectoids avoid joining races that have high PR, leadership, law rating, or PC rating. So if you are the Solar Federation you can just forget about Insectoids joining up with you, unless you get really lucky. They are hard workers. They produce 300% normal tax income. They are close friends of the Robots. In fact they are the ones that build the Robots.

Insectoids will attack Enforcer colonists, crew and troops on sight. They will attack from the planet and kill as many as they can before they themselves get killed. Every Insectoid will kill 200 Enforcer colonists or 70 Enforcer crew or 1 Enforcer trooper. Enforcer type 1 fighters can kill 800 Insectoid natives each and each type 2 ground attack craft can kill 1250 Insectoid natives each. They have been known to send out distress messages when under attack.

Insectoids will also attack Aczanny colonists, crew and troops on sight. Every Insectoid will kill 100 Aczanny colonists or 50 Aczanny crew or 5 Aczanny troopers. Aczanny type 1 ground attack craft can kill 800 Insectoid natives each and each type 2 ground attack craft can kill 1250 Insectoid natives each.

Robots can build a base structure known as an Insectoid nest that can house as many as 100000 Insectoid natives. Natives in these nests can use tritanium to build new Robots. Each Insectoid can build one Robot per turn and use 1/1000 kt of tritanium per Robot. Natives on the base can be converted into new Insectoid natives at a rate of one native yielding 4 new Insectoids.  Amorphous, Insectoids, Siliconoid and Chupanoid are all immune to this conversion process. Enemy prisoners can be converted into Insectoids at a rate of 5 prisoners yielding 1 new Insectoid, Robots and Crystals are immune to conversion. Insectoid nests can also mine up to 1000 kt of fuel from the planet's core per turn. The Insectoid Nest can steal away 3% of the colonists of other races with bases within 100 LY and make new Insectoids at a rate of 4 for every enemy colonist taken or 1/2 for every Cyborg colonists taken, Crystals, enemy Robots, and Solorian are immune to being stolen away.

Scavenger crawlers can gather 1 unit of food per 10000 Insectoids.



Big and very hungry. They can be very dangerous. They are attracted to bases that have a stock pile of Lerchin Spices in storage. They will not join a race that has a PSI rating of 80 or higher. Once in a base they will produce 1 kt of Lerchin Spices per 500 amorphous in the base. They will attack and eat colonists, crew and troops living in a base on a planet. The Amorphous in the base will attack if there are any Amorphous on the planet attacking. If there are just Amorphous living in the base and no Amorphous living in the wild on the planet's surface no attack will take place. If all the colonists, crew and troops are completely eaten up the base is lost and the contents of the base is spilled onto the planet's surface. Every 300 Amorphous will eat 1 colonist per turn. Aczanny and Crystals are immune to this attack.

If a ship with a Glory Device explodes over a planet populated with Amorphous natives they are cooked and turned into food, Lerchin Spices and supplies by the deathly birthol rays radiated by the blast. The most that a single exploding ship can produce is 50000 kt of spice, 2500 kt of food and 2500 kt of supplies.

Amorphous like hot worlds and tend to reach populations of no more than 1000000 on worlds with a climate of less than 90.

The Cyborg can not assimilate Amorphous natives




Above average workers with a 200% normal tax income. Mostly harmless. They tend to only join races that have a very high spy rating and rarely join the bases of races with low spy ratings. Scavenger crawlers can gather contraband from avians

Jan 29th, 2005