Minefield Dropping and Sweeping


There are four different types of mines: laser mines, web mines, barbitic mines and gravitonic mines. Only ships that are equipped with one of the four different types of mine dropping devices can lay a mine. If a ship has all four different types of mine droppers it has a choice of laying any type of minefield that it wishes. Mines are made by the mine dropper device by converting combat ordnance into mines. You must use at least 500 ordnance units when laying a minefield. You can use increments of 500 ordnance units up to a maximum of 5000 ordnance units.

The radius of the minefield produced is equal to the number of ord units dropped raised to the power of (0.4). A 5000 unit minefield has the radius of 30 LY and a 500 unit minefield has a radius of 12 LY. Minefields can overlap other minefields. Laying mines in the middle of another minefield will not add to the existing minefield, rather it produces a second minefield. Minefields stay the same size over their entire lifetime. Minefields have a limited amount of power. Minefields have up to 20 turns worth of power when first dropped. When the minefield power reaches 0 the minefield disappears. If a ship hits a minefield it will cause the minefield to loose 1 point of power, causing it to vanish one turn sooner. A minefield looses 1 point of energy for every ship that hit it in a turn. It is possible for a minefield to loose all 20 points of energy and vanish in a single turn if 20 ships run into the field all at once.

Ships that have a mine sweeper device are able to destroy a minefield that they are in as well as pick up any minefield belonging to their own race and convert them back into ordnance units that can be reused. If a minefield is swept the whole field is destroyed. The mine sweeping ship is able to sweep the field as long as it is inside the field. A sweeping ship can only destroy one field per turn. Both mine sweeping and mine laying takes place after ship movement. Some ships have a special device called the Minefield Destabilizer. It can destroy one minefield per turn. The device will destroy a minefield that has a center that is within 150 LY of the ship after movement. The only fields that it can not destroy are web mines and cloaked barbitic mines. The device will destroy your own minefields

Mines can be dropped in a cloaked state. Cloaked mines are invisible and protected from enemy mine sweeps, but not from exploding barbitic minefields. Enemies have a very hard if not impossible time of detecting a cloaked mine. The owner of the cloaked mine is able to uncloak and recloak the minefield at any time. A cloaked mine continues to use energy while it is cloaked. You can recover your own minefields while they are cloaked. The amount of ord that is recovered from a minefield is proportional to the remaining amount of energy that the minefield has compared to the amount the field had when it was first dropped. The Robots are able to see and sweep cloaked barbitic minefields.

You will find that the minefields on the main star map are color coded.

Types of mines

Barbitic Minefields

Barbitics are anti-ship mines, they do heavy damage to ships as well as pods and fighter wings. They also can be used to sweep away all other mines in the area, including cloaked mines that you can not see on your sensors by detonating them. These minefields will not stop a hyper jumping ship, which can jump right into or out of a Barbitic minefield.

Gravitonic Minefields
Gravitonic Minefields (commonly called gravs) will force a hyper jumping ship out of hyperspace into normal space. It will also prevent a hyper jump ship from jumping away. The ship is then forced to use its standard engines to leave the minefield before jumping.


Detonating Fields

An exploding barbitic minefield destroys all other minefields that have a center point that is within the radius of the exploding barbitic field. Barbitic minefields explode before movement begins so that you can blow a barbitic field and clear an area of space of mines so that you can move through the freshly cleared area of space. This is useful when trying to escape an enemy that has mined you in or in attacking and enemy that is hiding behind a wall of mines. An exploding Barbitic minefield does damage to all ships in the minefield area. Fighters are not hurt by exploding Barbitic minefields, but are completely destroyed by an exploding Laser minefield.

The Robots have a special version of the Barbitic minefield called the Nova Barbitic. It will cause other Barbitic and Nova Barbitic minefields in the area to chain react. This causes all ships in the area to take damage from each exploding Barbitic and Nova Barbitic minefield in the area. A standard Barbitic minefield does not cause chain reactions, it simply destroys mindfields and damages ships. Nova Barbitic mines do twice the normal damage that a Barbitic does when it is detonated. A standard Barbitic will do 22% hull damage to a 100kt mass hull ships and a Nova Barbitic will do 44%.

The Meteor Class Blockade Runner takes 44% damage from a standard detonating Barbitic minefield and 88% from a detonating Nova Barbitic.

The Robots have hardened hulls that protect their ships from detonating minefields. A standard Barbitic will do only 1% damage to the hull and a Nova Barbitic will only do 2% damage to the hull.

Detonating Barbitics also case damage to the ship's control systems. In most causes the ship systems take twice the damage that the hull takes.

Gravitonic minefields cause damage to ship engines when they detonate. A 100kt ship takes 10% engine damage, larger ships take less damage to their engines. Hyperdrive engines take 10% damage from detonating Gravitonic minefields no matter what their mass is.

The Enforcers have a special flavor of Gravatonic minefield that can do 25% ship control system damage if detonated over an enemy ship.

A detonating Laser minefield will destroy all undocked wings in the field and it will cause any other object in the detonating field to be visible to all other races in the universe.

A detonating Web minefield will cause 10% engine damage to all ships in the field. Web minefields do not damage one another when they detonate. It is common for the Crystals to detonate a great many web minefields at the same time doing heavy engine damage to a whole fleet of ships. A detonating minefield also has the power to disable the Virgo Classes' Light Speed device.


April 12th, 2004