List Of Topics

How does the whole Planets 4 game system work?

How do I play this game?

How do I host a game?

How do I move a ship?

How do I build a new ship?

How do I get fuel and colonists on my ship?

How do I make a new ground base?

How do I attack an enemy?

How do I send a message to an enemy?

How do I find the enemy?

How do I get fighters off of my planet`s base and into a ship or into space?

How do I make lots of money?

How do I mine minerals?

What is ore?

How do I keep my colonists happy?

What do I do with contraband?

How do I get natives to come to my planet?

What do all those buttons on the player interface do?

What are the hot key commands?

What are all the neat things in the Planets 4 universe?

What are the rules of the game?

What happens when someone tries to cheat?

What is the difference between the shareware and registered versions of the game?

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