How Do I Play This Game?

Step 1: Join a game

Find a game host on the internet that is hosting a game and join up. They will send you a RST file ( RESULT file ) by Email that your copy of planets4.exe will open up ( Unpack ). You open the RST file using the planets4.exe`s
files screen .

Step 2: Build stuff.

If you have minerals in the ground build mineral mines. If the planet supports more farms build more farms on your planets. If you can build a ship build a ship.

Step 3:
Move your ships

Explore, move cargo to new planets. Send ships out to find out what is around you. Build new bases to watch for enemy attacks, produce more food, produce more money, and produce more metals.

Step 4: Make Friends

Form alliances trade plans, money, and metals. Fight together against a common enemy.

Step 5:
Fight Wars

Destroy your enemies

Step 6: Score points

Do things that will earn you victory points. If a scoring system is in place you will get a message each turn telling you the current standings.

Step 7: Make your TRN file ( TURN file )

Send it back to your host person for processing. You make your TRN file using the planets4.exe`s
files screen .

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