How Do I Make Lots Of Money?

Your main source of income is taxes from colonists and natives. Using the HQ tax settings screen you can set your universal tax rates. Generally the higher you tax your colonists the more unhappy they will become. There are some exceptions, the Solar Federation for example prefers the highest possible tax rate (enslavement), because they are proud to have grown beyond the need of personal monitory units.

A second source of income is from your cities. Your normal cities produce 100mc a turn each and under cities produce 70mc a turn. The big drawback to having many cities is their impact on the growth rate of your colonists and their use of food. If you have too many cites the birth rate will drop to zero and you could run out of food. Each city requires 100,000 colonists and two units food a turn to stay active. If you run out of food or your colonist's happiness level drops to below 30 the cities will stop producing money.

A great method of growing a strong economy is by setting up breeder worlds that have as many farms as possible and no cities at all. The farms stream of food and lack of cities will promote a population explosion. Ship the colonists off of these planets to form new breeder worlds and worlds with large numbers of cities that will really bring in the money.

The growth rate of the colonists depends on many things. A race that has a growth rating of 100 will normally grow at a rate of 5% a turn. A race with a growth rating of 50 would grow at a rate of 2.5% a turn. There are some factors that will change this growth rate.

The Factor
The Consequences
Happiness greater than 80
1.5 X normal growth rate
Happiness less than 30
0.5 X normal growth rate
Cyborg King (High guard)
4 X normal growth rate
(May get happy > 80 bonus also)
Training center
1% less growth rate
0.2% less growth rate (500 cities will stop the growth of colonists)
Normal growth when there is at least 15 kt of food per million colonists. Growth rate approaches 0 at a constant rate as the food levels reach 0 food per million colonists
Population Level (Shareware Player)
Growth rate approaches 0 at a constant rate as population approaches 30 million
Population Level (Registered Player)
Growth rate approaches 0 at a constant rate as population approaches 50 million

For example: A base with 90% happiness, belongs to a race with a growth factor of 100, has a population of 29 million, has 100 cites, has 10 training centers, 500 food, and the player is a registered player.

The race growth factor is 100, therefore the race will have a natural growth rate of 5%

The happiness of more than 80 will increase the growth rate to 7.5%

The 10 training centers will decrease the growth rate by 10% to a new level of 6.75%

The 29 million colonists require 435 kt of food in reserve for maximum growth. We have 500 food units, so food is not a factor here.

The 100 cites will reduce the growth rate by 20% to a new level of 5.4%.

The population level of 29 million will reduce the growth rate by a factor of
(29 million / 50 million ) or 58%. This brings the growth rate down to a new level of 3.132%

3.132% of 29 million is: 908,280 These are how many new colonists will be added to the base this turn.

The third source of income is from the sell of contraband. You will find contraband laying about on many planets. So go get it before someone else does! You can also buy contraband and hope for the price of it to increase. Selling contraband will not have a negative effect on your own colonists or on any other races if you sell the contraband from the base contraband screen .