Master Program


The above is the first screen of the master program. From this screen you can select which of the 12 host / player slots will be used. Currently slot 8 is selected. It has both the host and player sides of the filled with active game data. You will need to clear both the player and host slots before you can make a new universe in this slot. The red lights show all the slots that can not be used.

Slot number 4 and slot number 7 both have two green lights. These slots are both empty and can be used for a new game universe.


You will need a map for the game, you can use the standard Echo cluster, the Zeta Galaxy map or a custom map file. You can also use a planets script file instead of the standard master program.

You will next go through a series of screens that allows you to choose different setup options.

Master will accept command line options that can be used to automatically generate a new YIG file based on a script file:

Master Command line options:

Master scriptfile.vps yigfile.yig /OX
/O = Overwrite
/X = Auto exit master

Also see the map compiler program to make your own map

Also see the script sample file

Jan 28th, 2004