How Do I Keep My Colonists Happy?

Happiness Tips:

Don`t run out of food! Ship food in from planets that have an excess of food. If a planet runs out of food happiness will quickly drop. If you have Chupanoids on your base things will get even worse. Happiness will drop even faster. You need to grow more food using farms if your race needs food, and most races do.

Don`t build a whole bunch of smelters. More than 10 will cause happiness to drop. Mines do some smelting on their own converting 30 kt of ore into metals and fuel.

Don`t build more than 50 mines. More then 50 mineral mines will cause happiness to drop. If you have too many mines or smelters on a planet you can have them all destroyed with the special base command code EPA.

Be care where you build labor camps and labor mines, they can cause your happiness to drop. So avoid building them on important high population worlds. If you have them on a planet and wish to get ride of labor camps and labor mines you use the base command code USA to remove all them from the base.

Watch out for Privateer bases near your bases, every Privateer base within 200 LY of your base will cause your base to loose 10 happiness points. If you find a Privateer base near your bases go and ground attack it at once, every 1000 Privateer colonists that you kill off will gain you 1 happy point on all your bases with in 400 LY.

Do not let an enemy capture your colonists, if they hold some of your colonists as prisoners it will cause a massive loss of happiness on all your bases. If you do have colonists captured, get them back send a fleet after them, if you can not get them back at least strike back at the enemy and do as much harm as possible to their ships and colonists, if you do your colonists will not be as upset then they would be if you do nothing.

Build public space ports. The first space port gives you an average happiness boost of 5 points a turn. The second and all further space ports will give an average of a 2.5 point boost.

Build resorts. The first resort will give your colonists an average of 15 points boost. Each additional resort will give your colonists a 7.5 point boost.

Build a government center. A government center yields a 5 point happiness boost.

The Lizard Psi-Opps Hisser can cause a 40 gain in happiness under the ship. This is a device that only the Lizards can use. If you steal a Lizard ship with the device and you are not a Lizard yourself the device will not work for you.

Be careful that the Privateers do not steal alien ship plans from your starbases. If a Privateer ship gets within 150LY of one of your starbases that has an alien hull plan they can steal the plan and cause a 40 point happiness drop in the base colonists. You can use the base command code CIA to remove alien plans from the plans from base memory (Host revision 155 and beyond)

The Solar Gamma Ray ( A Draconian Device ) can cause a 30 point happiness drop in the colonists under the ship. The Crystals and Solorian are immune.

The Ground Quake Trigger device can cause a 50 point happiness drop in all the colonists under the ship that does the attack.

The Mind Crusher device causes a 40 point happines drop in the colonists under the base.

Keep enemy ships with ground quake triggers and mind crushers away from your planets.

Stop enemy starships from firing at your ground base from space. Colonists really hate that.

Adjust your tax rate to something your colonists like. Solar Federation colonists, for example, prefer enslavement tax levels. Most others like Ultra Conservative.

Dec 29, 2003